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April, 2013


Notes From Bro. Doug:
I want to thank Bro. John Gilbert for filling in for me in March while I was speaking at a Wild Game Supper and speaking and singing at a men’s service in Kentucky. He will also fill in for me on Sunday morning April 14th while I am in Revival at Desloge BC. That evening Bro. Phillip Barksdale will be leading the congregation through a National Day of Prayer Remembrance Service at 6:00 pm.

I want to thank the entire music department for a great job with their musical called "Majesty" and with the kid’s musical called "The Easter That Almost Wasn’t", and "The Thorn" which included many of our music department members. We have such God given and blessed talent at FBC and God is blessing through the talents of faithful people. Thanks to all who supported their church family and came to hear all the great music.

We will be observing the Lord’s Supper on April 7th at 10:30 am. We will be baptizing on April 21st, so if you are being called by the Lord to be baptized, see Bro. Doug ASAP.

The Senior Adult S.O.U.P. group will be going shopping!! We will leave on April 20th at 9:00 am and we will be going to Jackson, TN. We will eat lunch (dutch) at Casey Jones and shop at Lifeway bookstore, the mall and other places decided by the group. You can ride the van or follow in your car. Please sign-up in the fellowship hall.

We will have a class called "Share Jesus Without Fear" on Saturday April 27th. The class will begin at 9:00 am and conclude at 3:00 pm with a lunch break at the church. You must sign-up and the cost is $5.00 per person or $10.00 for a family. Please sign-up in the fellowship hall and give your fees to the pastor.

Be praying for SPRING REVIVAL:

April 28th - May 1st.

It’s Great to Be Your Pastor!

Bro. Doug

Please contact us: If your children or grandchildren have received any honors in school, let us know so we can announce it in the newsletter.


House & Grounds Meeting April 7: 5:00 pm Deacons meeting April 7: 7:00 pm

Pot-Luck April 10: 6:00 pm

Business Meeting April 10: 7:00 pm

Women On Mission News:
The amazing Women on Mission have had a busy, completely fulfilling month with our projects! We met on March 11 and put together 77 Easter baskets for some very special foster children. This is a local project that we have done for many years. We are so thankful and appreciative to all those who gave items and supported this project. We have an "Easter Bunny Angel" we are especially thankful for. It was fun getting together as a group to put them together with lots of laughs and love. We need to pray for these children and those who are caring for them.

This past Sunday, we had a wonderful"soup" lunch with scrumptious soups and Bro. Chris Riggs’ famous grilled cheese sandwiches, along with other goodies and desserts. A big thank you to all who brought food or donated time to help. Close to $400.00 was raised for our Annie Armstrong Easter offering for North American Missions. Our goal is $3,000.00. You will be able to give until March 31, so please prayerfully consider your offering and be generous! Also, it is important that we continue to pray for these missionaries as they spread God’s Word throughout North America.

Our next meeting will be April 8 in the fellowship hall at 6:30 pm. If you aren’t joining us, you are missing a blessing. If you don’t like to drive at night, please let one of us know, and we will come and get you! The more we have, the more work we can do for our wonderful mission minded church!

Christy, Pam and Peggy

Newletter Articles are due by the 20th of each month


Deacon of the Week:

March 31- April 6: Mel Gale 359-1897

April 7 - 13: Frank Morgan 333-1128

April 14 - 20: Fred Boyd 333-2319

April 21 - 27: Jim DeReign 333-4570

April 28 - May 4: Nathan Pinkerton 870-623-3388

Puppet Ministry: (4th Sunday of each month 5:00 pm)

Chris & Kristy Riggs are in charge of this ministry, if you are interested in helping, contact Chris or Kristy or if you would like to donate, we have a special fund for this ministry.


Youth Report:

March is gone already!! Seems like time is going faster and faster and faster, it has flown by, but not without your FBC Youth group staying busy and active serving the Lord. On February 27, we took 30 to see the "Museum" praise and worship band at the Agape Worship Center. This young group of men really was a blessing to all who were in attendance. Their spirit and love for the Lord could be felt in their music and the testimonies given during their performance. Our kids LOVED it and we were the next to the last group left to leave. At this concert we decided to adopt a child and we picked one from South Asia. Right now we are calling him Randy but his real name is "Rawhndlealkwanas" or something like that Randy (says Billy) is lots easier. We are very excited to be able to sponsor a child in need and we hope after the first year with Randy we might adopt a little girl from some other place. The youth have been bringing dollars on Wednesday and Sunday nights to help make sure we have the $38.00 a month it takes to sponsor our child. Just a few days later on Sunday March 3rd, 2013 we made our yearly trip to WINTER JAM. This time it was in Memphis, TN. The trip down was great, we stopped in Blytheville at McDonalds and then made it to the Fed Ex Forum in plenty of time for the concert. We bought the VIP tickets this year and this made things so much easier on everyone. PTL! We ended up having two VIP tickets left. So as good Ambassadors of the Lord and of FBC Caruthersville I asked the security guards if I could give the two tickets we had extra to two people who were standing outside waiting another two hours to get in. I first thought they were going to say no, but in the spirit of the Lord they agreed to let me out the front doors (and back in) to find two lucky people to give the VIP tickets to. I walked outside and asked some of the people at the front of the line if there were two people together who had been waiting for a long time? Several looked at each other like "what’s this guy doing" but only one man spoke up said "yeah me and my wife". I asked how long they had been standing outside and he said since before noon so I reached in my pocket and handed them over to the man. The crowd gasps and then several others said we are together and I told them too late they should have said something when I asked. The man and woman I gave the tickets to were super excited and I told him the tickets were compliments of First Baptist Church of Caruthersville and the tickets said FBC Caruthersville on them. It was fun, the tickets were not wasted and we made some people very happy. This is exactly what the Lord wants us all to do. Be good and love one another, pass it on. I believe in it. I also think the story of FBC giving 2 VIP tickets away will be talked about for awhile. I thought it was cool. We were so close to the stage that we were getting spit on by the bands!! Not really! LOL but could have really easily. Several of the youth got to touch the hand of one of the artist and Mrs. Kristy and I got to go back and meet Toby Mac and several of the artists performing that night. We all had a very good time. Ear plugs made the night go so much easier. LOL. We stopped again at McDonalds in West Memphis and when we pulled in they tried to lock their doors but we promised that Caroline was not coming in this time and they decided to let us in. HaHaHa! We ate and met a young red headed Christian fellow from Arkansas who took up with us, just like he was part of the group, then we finished eating and came on home. This year was not too bad getting home around 2:25 am instead of 4:13 am. At my age every minute counts. Whewww!

On Saturday March 16th several of the youth with help from Kristy Riggs, Kevin Riggs, Ricky Bell, Jo Beth and Pam Bullington put out over 130 crosses for our Easter Cross ministry. This is such a visual ministry along with allowing us to praise GOD with a showing of the cross and maybe even help save someone who is lost, please be ready to share Jesus with someone if you are asked about "what the crosses are for?" We will be picking up the crosses on the 29th or 30th of March and bring them to church the Saturday before Easter.

We had an average of 23 kids coming to youth regularly. We have been teaching the Word of God and life lessons. We have good discussions and not only talked about the Bible and read scripture but talk about how God is affecting their lives as teenagers. I tell the youth all the time that God is always with them and they are never alone. It’s so important to have God in their lives especially as teenagers when making good decisions are sometimes tough to do without the support of good parents, GOD and the ability to know what is right and wrong. The media, young relationships and other issues make it tough on our youth. We have a great group of Youth who almost all are saved and have been baptized. Kristy and I love them as we do our own children. We could not do what we do without the support of the loving congregation and our pastor. I beg anyone who has kids or grandchildren to bring them to church and at least give them the opportunity to know our Lord Jesus Christ. We owe it to the future of this church and our country to get up on Sunday mornings and teach our children about GOD and a better way.

We are excited about this New Year and the opportunities that may come our way. Look out April, who knows what your month might bring!! We will keep teaching your children about GOD and the Bible.

In Christ Love,

Chris & Kristy Riggs, Youth pastor

The Thorn

Special rehearsal: March 30, 2013 at 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
anyone who is involved in any way with this, be at the church for this rehearsal or you will be completely lost on Easter Sunday morning. This includes, Adult choir, Youth choir, Common Ground, musicians and anyone with a solo, job I’ve asked you to do for this special service.

Easter - it’s the greatest story ever told, and on March 31st it will come to life with The Thorn Easter Experience! Through realistic videos of the Easter story, live dramas, and beautiful music featuring our worship team, Common Ground, the Adult Choir, and P.R.A.I.S.E., you will experience the power and compassion of Jesus’ life, the pain of his crucifixion and the triumph of his resurrection. The Thorn is a spectacular, live presentation of the story of the cross. With its combination of music, acting, dance, martial arts, and pyrotechnics, The Thorn has become the largest volunteer-based Easter production in the United States. Nearly one million people have witnessed this dramatic live event, and now exclusive videos, music and dramatic monologues from The Thorn are available to us for our Easter service. You won’t want to miss this!!

Check out our Website www.fbcville.com

Memorial in memory of Buck Ferrell given by: Bill & Christy Mercer


Common Ground

FBC’’s Praise and Worship Team
Your praise and worship team has been working very hard and I believe the results are outstanding!! We still have praise and worship every Sunday morning at 9:00 am in the memorial chapel. We will also be a big part of "The Thorn" on Easter Sunday morning. That is something you definitely don’t want to miss!! So we will be having a special rehearsal on March 30th at 5:00 pm. Also, there will be a rehearsal for "The Thorn" on the same evening from 5:00 - 7:00 pm in the sanctuary. Make sure you mark your calendars! That’s all for now! I’ll see you all Sunday morning at 9:00 am for Praise and Worship in the memorial chapel!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Special Music

If you would like to be put on the calendar to sing a special in our morning service, please get with me, so I can put you in the rotation. We have a lot of talent in our church and I hope you will share it with us!

FBC Adult Choir
Wednesday Nights at 8pm

The adult choir worked on a Cantata for Easter called "Majesty". It is a wonderful score, and story which looks back over the week of the Passion through the eyes of the Apostle John and Mary Magdalene. We presented this musical on Palm Sunday night at 6:00 pm in the sanctuary. The adult choir will also be doing selections during our special Easter service, "The Thorn". Speaking of "The Thorn", we will be having a special rehearsal for that on March 30th at 5:00 pm. Please do everything you can to be there for that, so you will not be lost on Easter Sunday. It’s not too late to be a part of what God is doing in this amazing group of people! If you would like to be a part of the choir, get with Bro. Doug or me..we will definitely be able to use you!


The Baptist Hour: Every Sunday 8:00 am KCRV 1370


2 Extreme

FBC Youth Choir

Right now, we are working on our skits for "The Thorn" which will happen on Easter Sunday morning at 10:30 am. After that we will go back to polishing up "2 Extreme: The Musical" for our tour. Also, in a couple of months, we will begin work on "Friends Forever". This year we’re going RETRO! Fer Sure! We will have a special rehearsal for "The Thorn" on March 30 at 5:00 pm in the sanctuary. Make sure you are there, so you are not lost on Easter Sunday! If you are not yet a part of 2 Extreme and would like to be, just be in the 2 Extreme Ward on the 3rd floor at 5:00 pm on Sunday. You must be in the 7th grade through college and be willing to make a joyful noise!


P.R.A.I.S.E. Report:
Once again, I was SO proud of the twenty children on the FBC P.R.A.I.S.E. Team that so WONDERMOUSLY performed the musical, "The Easter Pageant That Almost Wasn’t", on March 17, 2013. I believe it was the most difficult musical we have worked on yet; however, they pulled it off wonderfully! Basically, it was a search to find the meaning of Easter. As I said Sunday night, the Gospel of Jesus was given and IT WAS VERY ENTERTAINING!

I want to thank everyone that had a part in volunteering to help make this production possible. I know there are people who have done things and helped that I didn’t know about. First of all, I thank the following kids for being so faithful in giving their time and working so hard (in order of appearance): Kelsey Stevens, Tatum Riggs, Will Constant, Jake Stevens, Will Treece, Hunter Maclin, Austin Brooks, Alyssa Odell, Kaley Grace, Lily Grace, Maria Nieves, Miranda Nieves, Samatha Barksdale, LeAnne Dudley, Carlee Davis, Laura Constant, James Prater, Darnell Rodgers and Nick McCall.

I also want to thank the parents and grandparents for getting them to the practices, helping with their snacks, buying and assembling costumes, bringing candy and everything else they did to make the program possible. I want to give a huge "Thank You" to Paige Gillock and Kristy Stevens for helping out behind the scenes before the play and at rehearsals!

I am so thankful for Amanda Maclin making our posters - which was the biggest part of our set this year. Thank you, Phil Barksdale for your making sure all the sound equipment was present and working. Dylan and Kelsey, who had a multitude of obligations that weekend, took time out to run the music-which I appreciated so much. I especially thank my husband, Vaughn, who helped when he was off, ran me around to pick up everything, helped me all day Saturday setting up and put up with Dylan and me (who both had big events that weekend). Thank you to ALL who made snack during the last few weeks and fed us on Sunday night! I also want to make sure that everyone who came out to support the kids on the FBC P.R.A.I.S.E. Team knows that all of us appreciate them very much. I know they all enjoyed every minute of the program! Lastly, I would like to thank God for allowing me to work with these AWESOMELY talented kids. They are a blessing to me, the church and the community. Many of you have uplifted us with your encouraging words and prayers–especially that little red-haired girl who helped me realize what it was all about! I would NOT have made it without you! God is AWESOME, and I thank Him for allowing me to work with these children. These kids are our future and I am honored that I am a little piece of their present. Please continue to pray as the Lord leads us in our next endeavor. Happy Easter!

Praising Him,


Thank you to everyone who rented a yard cross for Easter. What a wonderful way to tell people about Jesus and what the Easter holiday is all about. All money raised will go towards the youth group summer camp and other youth events. We look forward to continuing this ministry for years to come.

Ashlea Burrus Riggs

Nursery Workers:

April 7: Dorothy Watkins April 14: Jo Beth Moses

April 21: Ewanda Young April 28: Shelia Baird

Praise & Worship Service:

9:00 am every Sunday morning

GA’s & RA’s Missions :

We will meet to make Easter cards for the nursing home and plan to take it to the nursing home on Wednesday. Children from K - 4th Grade please come and join us







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