August 2013 Beacon Newsletter


First Baptist Beacon

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August, 2013

Notes From Bro. Doug:

In July we had the privilege of baptizing two of our youth . It is so great when we are able to stir the baptismal waters. If you haven’t heard about it, Dr. Doug Fitzwater is having a monthly Free DR’s Clinic in our children’s building. This is a great ministry that can reach many in need. We had 10 to go to children’s camp this year. There were a total of 171 total campers and it was a huge success this year. Teen Challenge was with us the last Sunday of July, we were blessed to hear them sing and give testimonies and tell us how God is using Teen Challenge. We gave them a very nice love offering and the youth fed them and the whole church, it was a great day.

It is so good to have our daughter, Laura back from Bangladesh as an International Mission Boards 2 year Journeyman. She is adjusting back to life in the US, and we will be going to churches to give her report very soon.

As the summer comes to a close, let’s all plan to gear back up and give, serve and grow in our Christian walk and become the salt and light that our Lord has called us to be.


Bro. Doug

Women On Mission News:

"Women on Mission" are excited to be welcoming home Laura Boyd from her two-years in Bangladesh and also Pam Peeler from her recent trip to the Ukraine. We are anxious to hear about their experiences and the blessings God bestowed on them and those they ministered to. Continue to pray for the seeds that were planted! Our next meeting will be Monday, August 12, at 6:30 pm in the fellowship hall. Pam Peeler will be sharing her Ukraine memories with us, and we welcome all who would like to hear about her trip to join us! Men are welcome, too! We hope to plan an ice cream social too, in the month of August to start our Lottie Moon fundraising. So much good stuff going on with our mission! God is so good!

Pam, Christy and Peggy

Don't forget the birthday offering for the Missouri Baptist Children's home! All proceeds will be sent to the MBCH in December to help with Christmas. It's strictly voluntary, and once a year to donate so please participate if you can! if you give $1 per year of your age you get a mug, if you give coins per year you get a pencil. There is a world bank at the pulpit area where you can put your donation.

Children’s Camp News:

"Upside Down with Jesus" was the theme for this year’s Children’s Camp. We learned how Jesus wants to change us from the inside so that others can see on the outside what it means to have Jesus in us. That His thoughts are not always our thoughts nor our ways not always His ways in our daily lives (Isaiah 55:8).

A "Thank you" to those who gave for the kids to go to children’s camp; for the scholarship, snacks, meals both coming and going to Van Buren and most of all for your prayers. Even though we were small in number this year going from our church, the camp had approximately 170. I know there were lives touched during the week and ask that you pray for those who accepted Christ and that we will carry the message in our daily lives as to what we do or thing so we may show others the love Jesus has for everyone.

God Bless You All, Dylan & Marilyn


Youth Report:

July has come and gone in a flash it seems and now it’s time to get ready for the new school year.

It is neat to hear the kids talking about church camp, band camp, football camp and to hear them talking about what all they have done this summer and how much fun they have had. I stress to them that they need to enjoy their young years because they will be over before they know it.

The month of July has been busy, but mostly learning about GOD and His word. We have been more involved in reading the Bible and getting more familiar with God’s word. I believe it’s important for the youth to know the stories and how things came about. One example I gave them to help when talking to a friend about God. I told then to ask the person they are talking to "What year is it?" if they say 2013, then tell them that’s right, but 2013 what? I figure this will stump some people but some others may say A.D. what’s that, and this means of course, "After Death of Christ" which is such simple proof that the Bible is true, Jesus was real and GOD is the All Mighty One. The entire world’s calendar is based off the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. How can they argue with you about this fact? They might argue but will lose terribly. I know some may say that it’s not the way to spread the word of God. My thoughts are if you can get any non-believer thinking about God they are just that much closer to maybe, just maybe bringing Jesus into their hearts.

We finally made it to Six Flags for our annual trip. The weather was great!! We left out around 7:00 am that Saturday and got home around 2:30 am. WHEW!! It took me about 4 days to get my legs back. LOL. The kids had a good time and the concert was great.

We want to thank all of you for the support and love you show the youth of our church. They are our future. We will continue to teach them God’s word and instill in them the ways of the Baptist faith. The Devil is everywhere trying to get these kids to go down the wrong path. I promise we will continue to do our best to make sure they go down God’s path.

With Love,

Chris & Kristy Riggs, youth pastor


Puppet Ministry: (4th Sunday of each month 5:00 pm)

Chris & Kristy Riggs are in charge of this ministry, if you are interested in helping, contact Chris or Kristy or if you would like to donate, we have a special fund for this ministry

RA’s & GA’s

The GA’s and RA’s are ready to take on the new school year. We are going to start collecting pencils, paper, crayons, and erasers for the kids who don’t have them. If you would like to help please bring the supplies to the church fellowship hall, we will have a box there next Wednesday!! Please pray over the supplies you bring that they would be a blessing to the children who use them and that they would feel God’s love.

Peggy & Dana

Common Ground

FBC’’s Praise and Worship Team Common Ground is doing great! We are really coming together as a group and as a family! We lead the worship on July 28th during the 10:30 AM service. We canceled the 9:00 AM worship service that morning as we prepared to lead worship and for Teen Challenge to be with us that morning. The youth group put together a great service featuring this group and provided a meal after the service, so there was lots going on that day. It was exciting to see all that God did that morning! Soli Deo Gloria, Phil

Special Music

If you would like to be put on the calendar to sing a special in our morning service, please get with me, so I

can put you in the rotation. We have a lot of talent in our church and I hope you will share it with us!

FBC Adult Choir Wednesday Nights at 8pm

The adult choir has begun working on our Christmas musical. This year we will be doing, "Smoky Mountain Christmas: The Gift", and I think you will all enjoy this musical! It has a beautiful story line and features some of your favorite Christmas songs, along with a few newer songs all driven by a smoky mountain country style! It’s not too late to be a part of what God is doing in this amazing group of people! If you would like to be a part of the choir, get with Bro. Doug or me...we will definitely be able to use you!


2 Extreme

FBC Youth Choir

The youth choir is working hard on our next musical project, "Friends Forever"! It’s retro 80's musical and we are going all out for it! I spent 20 minutes with the choir trying to teach the girls how to talk like totally tubular valley girls and the guys how to talk like rad to the max surfer dudes! The costumes, music, dialogue, and everything else will blow your minds! We hope you feel that you have been transported back to 1986! It is a great musical with a message that I believe is still relevant and will touch the hearts of everyone who sees it! We are looking to do this around the end of October or first of November! If you are not a part of this choir, you don’t know what you’re missing! Come and join the greatest youth choir in history that is not afraid to take things to the extreme!! Phil

Music Notes:

The other day, I was looking at some old pictures of our choir. As I compared the pictures to our recent choir, I began to see that there were a lot of familiar faces. However, one question came to mind, "What happened to all the men?" this is not just an issue with our adult choir, but also our youth choir. Also, this is not just an issue in our church, but with a lot of churches. In pictures I see on church facebook pages or websites, I see very few men. Is it no longer manly to sing in the choir? I mean, what’s with that? I’m not trying to say that I don’t appreciated the faithfulness of our women, but I’m sure even they would agree that it would be nice to have some men up there with us. We currently have 3 men who sing with us and they do a great job! I love their faithfulness and willingness to sing praises to God. I would love to see more. I remember as a child, nothing made me happier than when my dad would sing. He didn’t have the best voice and wasn’t professionally trained, but he loved to sing! I started singing because I wanted to be like him! The most reiterated command in the Bible is "SING". I believe there is a reason for that. Read 2 Chronicles 20, it tell a story about when King Jehoshaphat, of Judah, was under attack by 3 armies. He declared a fast to seek wisdom and help from the Lord. God told Jehoshaphat that the battle was not the king’s battle, but God’s. The next day on the battle ground, Jehoshaphat did not call his soldiers to the front lines, but he called MEN to sing praises to God. As the MEN sang, the three armies began to fight each other and completely destroyed one another. Jehoshaphat had destroyed 3 powerful armies without even raising a sword. There is power in our praise and there is power when MEN sing unto the Lord. I encourage our men to come and join us, youth and adults. Then we can stand back and watch God be God!

Soli Deo Gloria,


Dear Church Family,

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who made my Uncle Calvin’s funeral a celebration of the awesome man we know and loved. Thanks for the wonderful meal, prayers and yes the sermon too. The entire service was a comfort and blessing to our family. I felt proud to be a Christian, an American and a "House" too. Blessings to you & your congregation!

Calvin House’s niece, Betty Hollis


Newletter Articles are due by the 20th of each month

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Nursery Workers: August 4: Paige Gillock Aug. 11: Kristy Riggs August 18: Dana Constant Aug. 25: April Davis


Praise & Worship Service: 9:00 am every Sunday morning

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Deacons meeting August 11: 7:00 pm
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Please contact us: If your children or grandchildren have received any honors in school, let us know so we can announce it in the newsletter.

The Baptist Hour: Every Sunday 8:00 am KCRV 1370


P.R.A.I.S.E. Report:

The FBC P.R.A.I.S.E. Team did an outstanding job
on their first patriotic musical presentation Sunday morning, June 30, 2013, ""United We Stand!"" Praise the Lord! The kids worked very hard. Even though Team attendance was down (and we knew it would be due to the summer vacation season), they blessed many hearts at First Baptist Church--ESPECIALLY MINE! I even had several tell me it brought tears to their eyes. It is an honor to present patriotism from the aspect of our AWESOME GOD! As Daniel Webster, one of my favorite statesmen, said: ""Whatever makes men good Christians, makes them good citizens."" I do believe we have a wonderful group of kids that ARE and WILL be good Christians AND good citizens!
We have taken a few weeks off but last week and this week we will have some ""play"" time outside. Last week we had a nature-find contest and used those things we found as object lessons about God, eternity, spreading the Gospel, being a good Christian, etc. We reflected on the life and loss of our dear Mr. Calvin House during this time. He worked for the Lord and served the church even though he was up in age. He did not stop though he could have used many excuses. Even as part of the Brotherhood group, he faithfully called the men to remind them about the Brotherhood breakfast each month. He would help Ms. Juanita into church each Sunday as long as they could. Did they take the ""easy"" way into the sanctuary each Sunday morning? No, he parked in the far parking lot, leaving the closer parking spaces for those who needed them; then, they walked arm and arm a great distance--slowly but surely. What an honor to know him!
Vaughn and I visited church camp at Van Buren Monday through Wednesday. What a blessing that was! I am also thankful for everyone who help make it possible for all these children to be there and learn about God and about being a Christian. This camp is one of the best and safest places for our children to be during the summer. Every time we go, I am SO proud of our kids……We have the BEST! ……AND I LOVE ALL THE HUGS!
Before I end my report, I am saddened that Miss Tatum Riggs will be going into the FBC Youth Group as the new school year begins. She has been a wonderful leader and a vital part of our Team. I have loved watching her grow in the Lord. We will miss her smiles, wit, and faithfulness; but I know that the Lord will continue to use her in her journey in this life. The FBC Youth Group is gaining a wonderful young lady!
Continue to pray for our FBC P.R.A.I.S.E. Team as they continue to serve God with their music. Please remember to pray for all of our kids (young and old) as they begin a new school year this next month.

Praising Him,

                                                       Memorials: In Memory of Howard Fike; Given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Dudley

In Memory of Brittany Travis; given by: Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Dudley

In Memory of Fairy Greer: Given by: Marilyn Boyd

Memorials given in Memory of Calvin House; given by: Fred & Janice Boyd, JoAnn Morgan, Marilyn Boyd, Earl Bullington, & Gleaners Sunday School Class, Billy & Marilyn McCullough, Lantrip S.S. Class, Larry Shelby, Frances Cagle

In Memory of Steve House; given by: Fred & Janice Boyd, & Billy & Marilyn McCullough, Larry Shelby

In Memory of Kathryn Brown, given by: Ray & Marilyn Strawn In Honor of Pam Peeler; given by: Bill & Christy Mercer

5th and 6th Grade Missions: NO Report

First Baptist Family,

Thank you so much for your prayers, the cards, the visits and the food that was brought to me during my time off after surgery. You are such a wonderful church family. I appreciate all of you so much. Thanks again.

God is Good! (All the Time).

Shirley Figgins

First Baptist Church,

We have had a WONDERFUL "Colossal Coaster World" week at Braggadocio Baptist. We appreciate your generosity in passing your VBS supplies on to our church and helping to make our VBS a success.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Your Sister Church,

Braggadocio Baptist






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