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October, 2014

Notes From Bro. Doug: 
   We have so much to be thankful for here at FBC!! Count
your blessings and name them one by one. We had a full
month in November and December is coming soon.
    Our third baby dedication of the year was a huge
success. We had a big crowd. We also had a very
meaningful tribute to our veterans too. It was a great day.
    Dr. Doug Fitzwater had another successful Free Clinic.
This happens every month, usually on the second Saturday.  
    With our secretary Brenda being out more during the
month now, I want to thank all the women who are coming
to the church office and answering the phone. It is a huge
help, thanks!
     The youth musical was a huge success. We are very
proud of the Kinfolks Ridge and FBC youth and their
leaders. We want to thank Phillip Barksdale for taking on
such a huge challenge of getting two youth groups together
and presenting the musical, “People Need The Lord.”
    We will start lighting the Advent Candle on Sunday
Nov.30th. If your family would like to light one of the
candles, see Bro. Doug ASAP.
    Week of Prayer for International Missions is Nov. 30 -
Dec. 7th. We will have our mission emphases night on Nov.
30th at 5:00 pm. We will be taking up the Lottie Moon
Christmas Offering on Dec. 7th at 10:30 am. Our goal is
     We will not have Wednesday night services on Nov.
26th. We had a successful service at FBC with all our sister
CMA churches on Nov. 19th. It is always great gathering
together for the Community Thanksgiving Service.
      CHRISTMAS PARTY, the adults of the church are
gathering at Elizabeth Hardesty’s house on Dec. 12th at 6:00
pm. This is a potluck event. Those of you with kids, many
of our youth are willing to babysit, see one of them before
this event.
     We will be passing out scarves donated by Lou Franks
and Theresa Jean during our Christmas Parade on Dec. 4th at
6:00 pm. We will also be passing out the Lifebook. If you
would be willing to help, see Bro. Doug asap.
     The children’s choir and sanctuary choir have music
events coming up in Dec. You can read more about it in the
newsletter. I want to encourage you to attend.
      Let’s have a huge crowd at the annual Christmas Eve
service on Dec. 24th at 5:00 pm. We will not be giving away
the calendars or gifts this year, just in case you were
expecting them...:)
      Bro. Tim Abernathy will be preaching during the am
and pm service on Dec. 28th in the absence of the pastor.
                                                                              Bro. Doug



Poinsettia Memorials and Honorariums: 
   The Women on Mission will be selling Poinsettias for
the Lottie Moon Christmas offering for $25.00 each starting
the first Sunday in November. 

 Lottie Moon Goal: $10,000.00 



Extreme Arts
 As you know, we just finished a big project with Kinfolks ridge
Baptist Church’s youth department called, “People Need The
Lord” the musical. I am so proud of all the youth who were
involved and stayed with it. It was a very busy Summer and Fall,
but I hope you were ministered to and challenged by the message
of the musical. We were also able to raise about $185.00 for the
WOM’s Lottie Moon Christmas offering. We will be on a break
for the rest of the year and will resume our practices on the first
Sunday after New Year’s Day, which will be January 4th, 2015.
For next year, we will focus quite a bit on the drama side of our
ministry, but will also be working on a few songs and one last
musical project that we will present in either the late Spring or
early Summer.
   One thing I wanted to mention is that our favorite Extreme
Member, Ashley Grissom will no longer be a part of the group as
a member. She will now be part of the group as an adult helper.
Ashley has grown up, but she would still like to be a part of our
team. I can thing of no one better to be a helper than her. Her
dedication, encouragement, and love for the youth are just
incomparable. I want to say thank you for being such an
inspiration as a fellow member of the team and can’t wait to
work with her in this new capacity. So until January, I hope the
team will get plenty of rest and I hope they will all return in
January revived and ready to go!!  



                    FBC Sanctuary Choir                    
  Sunday nights @ 6:00 pm

    Our sanctuary choir is getting ready for our annual
Christmas musical project. This year we are doing
something a little different. We will have a more informal
night of music, food, fun and fellowship. On December 21st
at 5:00 pm join us in our fellowship hall as the Sanctuary
Choir presents, “Memories of Christmas Past.” we will be
doing a mini-cantata featuring the music of Carman and
will have a special potluck dinner featuring Christmas
favorites such as finger foods, dips, candies, chocolate,
pies, cakes, brownies, etc. we will have a festive night
together with additional music and some of our choir
members will share some of their favorite Christmas
memories with you. We hope that you will come and bring
your favorite Christmas finger foods, candies, or desserts
with you to share with us all. I’m really looking forward to
this and hope you are, too!! By the way, we are still
recruiting new members, if you would like to join us and
share your talents with us for the glory of the Lord. We
would love to have you join our little family!!                       




Women On Mission:
 Women on Mission and ladies of the church have been busy
preparing Samaritan Shoe boxes, FBC’s goal this year is 100
boxes. WOM’s soup lunch was a success the end of October
and they are busy making plans for the Merry Christmas Mart to
be held in the church dining room on December 6th from 10:00
am - 1:00 . Come shop and get great unique gifts. All proceeds
go toward the Lottie Moon goal of $10,000.00. WOM are also
selling poinsettias in memory or in honor of a friend or loved
one for $25.00 each. They will be delivered between December
10th and December 15th. 
   The next meeting will be on Monday, December 8th at the
church dining room, it will also be a mini-potluck, everyone
please come and bring a snack and enjoy wonderful fellowship. 
    We are continuing our study of the book “A Lineage of



Special Music:                                                        
          If you would like to be put on the calendar to sing a
special in our morning service, please get with me, so I
can put you in the rotation. We have a lot of talent in our
church and I hope you will share it with us!                          



  To Connor Barksdale for winning 1st place for
singing at the chili cook-off!




Youth News:
    Sorry about missing last month’s newsletter. I was sick,
trying to work and just didn’t get it done in time. So with that
having been said you get a double dose this time. LOL
   October was Pastor Appreciation month. In honor of Bro.
Doug the youth decided to pay $500.00 of the $1,000.00 it
cost Bro. Doug to attend the Baptist Convention. The other
$500.00 was donated and deposited into the youth fund. The
convention was held at Lake of the Ozarks at the Tan-Tara
Lodge. We love our Pastor and want to help him in any way we
     On Sunday Oct. 19th we went to Judgment House in
Sikeston. Again it was AMAZING and we took 21 people with
us and 8 out of 21 either got saved for the first time or
rededicated their lives. If you have never been to Judgment
house you have to go with us next year. We can even make an
adult trip. It is worth every minute of your time. I promise you
there will be no question in your mind about where you want to
go when you leave this world. We left and got something to eat
at McDonalds and got home about 10:00 AMAZING@
    On Wednesday Oct. 29th we had a hayride for the youth.
This year we invited the other Baptist Church youth from our
county to join us. Temple Baptist took us up on the offer and
brought several kids for the ride. We started at FBC and made a
trip out around Kinfolks Ridge and back without losing anyone.
Everyone had a good time and wanted to go again. FBC youth
bought the hay this year for the trailer. A big thank you to Coy
Owens at Deering Fertilizer for letting us use the trailer again
this year.
     We have already had to pay a $500.00 deposit to
Crossings for church camp 2015. This money reserves our spot
and they will expect another payment in February and then the 
final payment in April. We make the opportunity available to
those youth who want to go and have attended church regularly
and participated in any of our fund raisers or events.
     One of our local missions was to help a man who had lost
his home in a fire. Then was attacked by dogs and almost lost
his life. He had been in the nursing home for rehab in Hayti for
quite some time and was able to get enough strength up to find
him another place to live. We all came together and found
items to help him get started and the youth group helped load
and deliver three trailer loads of stuff. God thanks us every day
for serving Him by the blessings we all share and experience.
God was smiling down on us during this time of need for one of
His children.
    Another local mission we take care of is putting the
American flags out at the parks around Caruthersville. We do
the best we can I can see the pride in the eyes of those young
adults our nation’s future. It’s anywhere from 600 to 1000 flags
that are put out at Riggs Park, England Park and American
Legion Park and our church. It’s not as easy as you may think
and it’s easier to pick them up than to put them out. We owe it
to our Veterans now and then to honor them and let them know
the sacrifices they make have not been forgotten and are
appreciated. God Bless America!
    We decided this year in addition to sponsoring our child in
India we wanted to make some of the shoe boxes for the
Samaritan Purse. The youth put together and brought enough
items to make between 35 - 40 boxes. We also decided that
anyone who wanted to make a box but didn’t have the money
to send for postage that the youth would pay for each box out
of the youth fund.     
    Congratulations to Zack Woods for accepting Jesus as his
Savior and being baptized on November 2nd, 2014. We pray
that your relationship with God will grow stronger and you will
carry God with you through your adult years. Congrats Again.
Who’s next????
     I want to get everyone up to date of events that are coming
upon us in a hurry. Thursday Dec. 4th is the Caruthersville
Christmas Parade. We will be handing out scarves and booklets.
We will need help. The parade begins at 6:00 pm, yep that’s
right a night parade. We shall see?? We are not making a float
this year Temple has that covered.
    Saturday Dec. 13th we will be going to Bellevue Baptist to
see the Singing Christmas Tree production. This is another very
enlightening event and a very heartfelt spiritual meaning
performance. If you have never been, you need to go. Let me
know and if we have any tickets left over you can go with us.
The tickets are paid for but the youth will need to bring some
money for at least a stop at McDonalds. We will be leaving from
the church at 11:00 am sharp!!
   Elizabeth Hardesty is having the adult Christmas Party at her
house on Dec. 12th. If any of you need a baby sitter please let
me or Bro. Doug know asap. If we don’t hear from you there will
be no sitting service this year.
    We will be helping the Caruthersville Ministerial sort food
on Tuesday Dec. 9th. This will be at the building across from the
Methodist church where Oasis was once located. We will need
all the help we can get. I hope we have as much food to sort as
we did last year. WOO HOO
    Our youth will have our annual Christmas Party at the
church in the youth room. We ask that each youth bring a dish
or chips & drinks, something good. We will exchange gifts and
play the dirty Santa game where you swap off the gifts until the
last one is gone. It’s a hoot and we have lots of fun.  Thought I
was going to have to call in backup last year over a can of beef
jerky???  I know it’s important but come on guys!! LOL the
minimum gift price is $10.00. We will have extras and if you
have a problem with getting the $10.00 for your gift come see
me and we will get it worked out. The time will be 7-9 and the
van will run.
    As I write this newsletter we have just left the church and
have been part of and observers of the youth choir’s
performance with Kinfolks Ridge’s youth. It was very good and I
am proud of each of the youth who participated. Phillip - Good
Job!! Again reaching out to other churches and doing things
     On behalf of the youth I want to wish everyone a Happy
Thanksgiving and a Very Merry Christmas. By the time the
December newsletter comes out it will be Christmas time or
later. We want to thank all of you for your support, not just in
dollars but the hugs, cards, comments, winks, thumb’s up and
the nice things you have to say. We do feel the love and we are
grateful to be part of this very loving church.
     GOD is our focus and teaching these young people who
GOD is and why it’s so important to learn the Bible and the
Baptist beliefs. We will continue our Bible studies and learning
all the chapters in the Bible. We will continue to fight for the
salvation of everyone we come in contact with who is lost and
does not know the Lord.

                            With God’s love and blessings to all,
                                      Chris & Kristy Riggs, youth pastor



Children’s Missions (Formerly GA’s & RA’s) 
 Our Wednesday night mission class is growing each week and
Mr. Michael and I are so excited about that. We meet 
every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. and would love for your
children to join us. We learn about Home Missions and
International Missions and we have great bible stories and play 
                                                                         Paige Gillock 




5th & 6th Grade Missions:
   Calling all 5th & 6th graders. Come join us on
Wednesday nights as we learn about our missionaries here
and abroad. We will be leaning about Lottie Moon and
how important the Lottie Moon Christmas offering is. God
                                                     Kristy Riggs



Memorials given for: Jo Marie Jean; given by Bill & Christy Mercer,
Jo Ann Morgan, Terry & Delila Swinger, Billy & Marilyn McCullough.,
Mr. & Mrs. James Weatherford, Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn Stephens, Betty
Bivens, Fred & Janice Boyd, Gleaners S.S. Class, Mike & Marliss
Back, Scott & Laura Carter  
Memorials given for: Charles VanOstran, given by: Fred & Janice
Boyd, Paul & Shelby Walker, Emmet & Frances Alsup, Barbara
Brewer, Women On Mission, Bill & Christy Mercer, Pam Peeler, Jim
& Ewanda Young, Scott & Laura Carter, Women On Mission,
Providence Baptist Church, Joe & Barbara Pullam, David & Julie
Boyd, John Sellars, Johnny & JoAnn Hosler 
Memorials given for: Georgia Singleton; given by: Jo Ann
Morgan & Family, Dr. & Mrs. Paul Currie
Memorial for: Frank Morgan; by: Jim & Ewanda Young
Memorial for: Barbara Woods; by: Jim & Ewanda Young
Memorials were given in memory of Steven Gubins’s wife and
Ellen Talkington; given by Fred & Janice Boyd. 


Dear Church Family,
   My family and I would like to thank you all for the wonderful
meal you provided for our family for the funeral service of my
brother-in-law, Ted Brown. The food was delicious and very
much appreciated.
                                         Charlie Jones & Family  



Please contact us: If your children or  grandchildren have
received any honors in school,  let us know so we can
announce it in the newsletter.



House & Grounds Mtg. December 7, 4:00 pm 
Deacons Mtg. December 7, 6:00 pm
Business Mtg. December 10:  7:00 pm
 Potluck at 6:00 p.m. For the meal, you bring    
everything except the drinks and bread.
Dear Doug, and Members of First Baptist Church, 
    Thank you for your prayers and other expressions of
sympathy for me and my children. The flowers are especially
beautiful. For those who were able to be her today (and
yesterday), I am very grateful.
    As I have often said to Georgia, and now to you: “I loved
you yesterday, I love you still, always have, and always will.”
    Your one-time pastor, your all-time friend,
                                                                     Bro. Ira  
P.R.A.I.S.E. Report
    The children & youth choir will be working on our Christmas
program, “An Out of the Box Christmas.”  We will present it on
December 14th at 5:00 pm. We will have a snack fellowship
afterwards. You-all come!! 
                                                     Peggy Boyd



A special thanks to all who gave to Lottie Moon in memory of
Charles Van Ostran. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I had
an excellent chef!!                                                                       
                   Betty & Family




Dear White Family Scholarship Committee,
   We are so grateful for your generous gift from my parent’s
scholarship. They would be extremely touched to know John had
benefitted in this for a mission trip to the Ukraine.
     All the details are not in order as of yet but as we all know
God will reveal His final plan in His time, so we stand ready.
     This mother’s heart was quickened when I heard the word
“Ukraine” but I ask that you pray with me that God’s patience
and protection will heal my anxiousness and keep safe this group
& pastor as they travel to do His work.
    Should this mission trip not develop - please know these funds
will be returned in full. May God bless you each one as you also
endeavor to do His work.
                                                 Love & Appreciation,
                                               Virginia Ann White Bell 



  December 2020  
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