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February, 2014


Notes From Bro. Doug:

January 2014 was another busy month. It is so great to see all our ministries at FBC are continuing to reach and minister and we are seeing people come to the Lord and people growing in the Lord. We have something for everyone at FBC, and all you have to do is want to join in!!

The Senior Adult S.O.U.P. (Sixty on up) group had a great fellowship at the parsonage. We had basil tomato soup and vegetable soup with some sour dough bread made by Jim DeReign. We had about 16 present and everyone had a great time. The next event is the SR. Adult Valentine Banquet on Saturday Feb. 8th at 6:00 pm. We have a committee running the group now and that committee consists of Jim and Vicky DeReign and Shelby Walker. They will be planning and implementing the future events for the S.O.U.P. group.

The Bullington class put out a great spread for the quarterly Sunday School Fellowship breakfast in January. It is so great to see the fellowship hall filled to overflowing and see young and old fellowshipping together.

The youth have been busy with their annual pizza sale. They made close to 275 pizzas and profited about $1,600.00 for their upcoming Jonathan Creek Summer Camp down payment.

Parents, Kids and Youth remember what I said Sunday in the morning Worship services. You must be present and faithful in attendance to attend Children’s cast parties, or special kids events and youth must be present in bible studies and fund raisers to be able to go to the Big events and Jonathan Creek Church Camp. WHY???? Because fun comes after spiritual growth. Please don’t think you can go through life only participating in the fun things and not helping with the work or desiring to Grow in the Lord. There will be a few events for outreach and evangelism, meaning, let’s get everyone here and try to lead them to the Lord and a faithful walk with the Lord, but there are also events for only those who are faithful and are willing to grow in the Lord. As pastor of the church, my door is open and you are free to come talk to me about this and express

your opinion anything. Let’s expect faithfulness and support from our kids and youth and we will see men and women who love the Lord and are faithful to the church in the future.

It was great to baptize 2 people this month and we had one teenager accepts Christ last Sunday, so we will be baptizing two more very soon. Praise The Lord!!!

The NOW Annual "Men’s Day" was a huge success. We thank the men for singing in the choir, we thank Dr. Doug Fitzwater and Jon Constant for speaking. We also want to thank Jonathan Jones for doing his very first Children’s Sermon presentation. He did a great job.

Come and join the Experiencing God class every Sunday night starting this Sunday night at 4:00 pm in the Bullington Sunday School classroom.

The Tallapoosa BC Men’s Conference is Saturday Feb. 22 and our van will leave at 7:30 am. The Temple Baptist Women’s conference will be March 1st and registration will be at 8:00 am.

Bro. Doug

Experiencing God:

A discipleship class called "Experiencing God" will be taught by Dr. Doug Fitzwater starting at 4:00 pm on Feb. 2nd 2014. Start signing up now.

Pastor’s New and Revised Marriage Policy for 2014

The couple must be active Christian members of this church or former/recently active members of this church. The definition of active will be determined by the pastor. The definition of being a Christian will be determined by God’s Word. Non-members will be decided through an interview process with the pastor. There will be a mandatory 6 sessions of pre-martial counseling, failure to complete these sessions will postpone or cancel the pastor’s participation.

Through an interview process, the pastor will consider marrying the couple where one or the other has been married once before, however 2 or more times of failed marriage will not be considered by this pastor anymore. It is not a judgmental issue, it is a spiritual marriage covenant issue. The church facilities usage polices will remain the same and can be picked up at the church office.

Don't forget the birthday offering for the Missouri Baptist Children's home! All proceeds will be sent to the MBCH in December to help with Christmas. It's strictly voluntary, and once a year to donate so please participate if you can! if you give $1 per year of your age you get a mug, if you give coins per year you get a pencil. There is a world bank at the pulpit area where you can put your donation.

House & Grounds Mtg. February 9th : 4:00 pm

Deacons Mtg. February 9th : 6:00 pm

Pot-Luck February 12: 6:00 pm &

Business Mtg. 7:00 pm

Please contact us: If your children or
grandchildren have received any honors in
school, let us know so we can announce it in
the newsletter.

Extreme Arts

On Saturday, February 1st, we will have open auditions for Extreme Arts. This is an extension of our youth choir program. The youth choir part will still be active and ministering through song, but we will also be exploring all areas of the arts. From music to drama, even dance, visual arts and such things as backstage techs, everything you can imagine will be explored! Maybe you like to act, but you don’t like to sing, there is a drama program for you. Maybe you don’t care much for being on stage, but still would like to be a part, we have a place for you here!! All I ask is that if you are in drama, dance, or visual arts, that you will still sing with the youth choir. I will not make you sing a solo, unless you audition to sing one. If you are a tech, you will not be required to sing with the youth choir, unless you just want to sing with them. You will still be required to be there and do whatever job you may have.

I love ya’ll!

Special Music:
If you would like to be put on the calendar to sing a special in our morning service, please get with me, so I can put you in the rotation. We have a lot of talent in our church and I hope you will share it with us!


Common Ground

FBC’s Praise and Worship Team

We are getting ready to get all revved up again for a new season! If you would like to be a part of our praise and worship team this season, then you have an opportunity!! On Saturday, January 25th, from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm, we will be having open auditions for anyone interested!! If you play an instrument, sing, or would like to help with powerpoints or sound come prepared to demonstrate that ability for us! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!! After that we will have our first rehearsal on January 26th at 3:00 pm! If you can’t make the Saturday rehearsal but would still like to audition just get with me so I can set up a time for you! Our first praise and worship service for the new year will be on Sunday February 2nd at 9:00 am! I can’t wait for the new season of praise and worship to start!! Phil

Music Notes:

This past Sunday we had our music department meeting. We were able to get a lot accomplished and set some dates for a lot of upcoming events. One thing we discussed and what God has laid on my heart so heavy over the past several months is the subject of a senior adult choir. We have so many people who were once a part of the sanctuary choir but due to health problems or schedules can no longer be involved. This is for them!! If you wold like to be a part of this group, please let me know or you can attend a meeting which will be held right after church on Wednesday January 29th! If you are interested or would just like to hear more about it, be at that meeting!! All questions and concerns will be addressed. God has so blessed our church with talent and I want to see everyone have the opportunity to use that talent for the glory of God!!

Hope to see you then,


FBC Sanctuary Choir
Sunday nights @ 6:00 pm

The FBC sanctuary choir is going strong!! We have several new selection we are working on as well as preparing for our upcoming Easter Cantata which will be on April 13th at 6:00 pm, Palm Sunday! If you are not already a part of this group and would like to be, just talk to me! I have plenty of room right now for more!!


Youth News:

Happy New Year to everyone, we hope you have a great 2014. A new year is like a new day, it gives us a date to shoot for so we can make a new start in whatever we choose. I hope GOD is at the top of your list this year. I encourage each of you to make a goal of trying to help lead and help bring to the Lord at least 5 people to this church body. We can do it!!! we have people sitting in the congregation that needs a push to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior but can’t get over worrying about what someone thinks or might say. It is YOUR responsibility to yourself and your family to make sure you’re going to heaven. Don’t wait too late, we never know what the next second, minute or hour will bring.

Our Christmas party went very well. Adrian and Lexi got to wear the jingle bell shorts. But of course everyone got a nice gift and had lots of fun. Pizza, cake, chips and dip, you name it we were eating it. LOL

We are going to make pizzas again on the 25th in the fellowship hall. Might throw in a hash brown pizza for Chuck Manz just for fun (I’ll bet it gets eaten!! Lol). We appreciate your continued support of our youth fund raisers.

We will be holding a Valentines dinner in the fellowship hall on February 8th, 2014 at 5:00 pm for our senior adults. We will be making contact with our honored guests. It will be a very good time, great food and we want to do this out of respect to our senior church family members.

We will be going to Winter Jam in Memphis on Sunday March 2nd , 2014 and will leave after church. It will be at lest 1:00 am before we get back. Only those youth who qualify to go based on attendance to youth (Sunday morning/Sunday evening and Wednesdays) and participation in any activity or fund raisers we have will be eligible to go. While touching on this matter, church camp this summer at Jonathan Creek will be the same way. If the youth is not coming to church and being involved they will not be able to go to church camp sponsored by First Baptist Youth. It is not fair for those who come all the time and participate and does all of the work.

When you look at the monthly financial statement and see a good amount of money in the youth fund that money will soon be gone. It cost $349.00 per person to go, not counting fuel and other supplies. We have 20 spots at this time and a $1,500.00 deposit is due by mid-February. It does not look like we are going to have 20 youth to qualify to go to camp at this time. We need to know asap if your youth wants to go and we will see if the youth qualifies to go. ALL youth must put forth the effort to participate and be an ACTIVE part of the youth group.

Showing up a week before Winter Jam and any other function does not make you eligible. I will be glad to discuss this with anyone who has questions. The majority of those youth who come on a regular basis had a classroom discussion and we all decided this is the right thing to do. If a school function comes up that is mandatory this is an excused absence. All other reasons for missing will be dealt with accordingly and in a fair, reasonable manner.

We discussed non-members going to camp. In the past we have allowed non-members to go with our group and they must pay the entire amount of camp. We have discussed allowing the non-members who are faithfully in attendance and helping with functions and fund raisers to qualify for the same help on camp as our youth members. This discussion took place in open class and this was the overall decision made by the majority of the faithful youth in attendance. These non-members cannot just show up when it’s time to go and not have qualified as everyone else going must do.

I appreciate the love and support we are shown by our church family on a regular basis. I decided to make this announcement at the first of the year. I love your kids and would do anything for them. I hope you see this as a reward based program. We will not be having someone just show up and go on these trips that have not been here at church or helping with our activities.

I do not want to make anyone mad and I am not getting into a situation where a parent wants to argue the point or thinks we are not being fair or say that they didn’t know. The Youth Committee will be called and a date set to hear any complaints if the situation arises. I will be sending a letter to all youth and their families on my current roster.

Continue to pray for us. We will do our best to give your child the best chance in life with GOD leading the way.

With God’s Love,

Chris & Kristy Riggs, Youth pastor


P.R.A.I.S.E. Report


FBC P.R.A.I.S.E. Report

The Children’’s P.R.A.I.S.E. Team ended the month of January with a BLAST!

The kids that were in the Christmas program ""The Hope of Christmas"" gathered at our house for the cast party, ""Winter Wonderland."" We were going to have games inside, but it was just too pretty; so, Vaughn, Dylan, and Will took everyone out to feed the pigs and give the horses a carrot. (The horses always LOVE attention and the pigs ALWAYS love a good pecan!) I think they even tried to find a kitten to pet! Then, everyone came in, washed up, and got the party started! We had a great time decorating cookies with icing and sprinkles! I must say that the kiddos did a superb job decorating the cookies! During that time, all the kids (and other family members) had open access to the Hot Chocolate Bar: hot chocolate, chocolate spoons, marshmallows, peppermint sticks, etc. For snacks we had COOKIES, silver-sprinkled cupcakes and silver-coated cake pops, as well as Polar Punch (sugar-free)! YES, they were all running through the house before it was over! The Christmas tree (yes, I left it up for them) even ran into one of them! No one was injured…… But the sugar did not stop there. I sent them home with a bag of Chocolate Soup! (Hot chocolate, M&M’’s, mini marshmallows, and a peppermint stick to stir with--JUST ADD HOT WATER!) I also appreciate the teens and adults that stayed to help, as well as those that brought treats!

We will begin our regular classes next week and begin working on a very colorful Easter program in April. If your child has not been attending Children’’s P.R.A.I.S.E. Team, this is the perfect time for us to get back into the routine all together! We will be needing

several older kids (3rd - 6th grade) in addition to our younger crew. Please be in prayer for our Easter program and the outreach these children do in performing for family and friends.

Our Valentine’’s party, ""Sprinkled with Love,"" is scheduled for February 16, as Vaughn and I need to catch our breaths before another party. It will probably be held upstairs in our room at the church.

Please continue to pray for all of our little ones as they continue to grow in the Lord and seek His way.

Praising Him,

Morgan and Vaughn



Children’s Missions (Formerly GA’s & RA’s)

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Women On Mission: No Report


5th & 6th Grade Missions: No Report


Brotherhood Men’s Group: No Report


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