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February, 2016



Notes From Bro. Doug:

It is a huge step, but I think we can do it. Let’s read the bible through in one year. Some of you bought the journal called "foundations" to help you chronicle your journey through the bible. I believe you will enjoy and benefit years later as you go back and read what God revealed to you. Catch up on the readings if you are behind and get started if you have not started.

We have so much to be thankful for at FBC. We have a great facility to learn and worship and fellowship in. We have tons of committed and faithful people wanting to serve Jesus. We have classes and learning opportunities for all ages. We have ministry opportunity for all ages. Thank you to the many that don’t have to be asked to jump in and help. You are truly making an impact for Jesus. Also thank you to the many that, when asked, you jump right in there too making ministry move smoothly and effectively. And to those on the sidelines, we are so glad you are here and we want you to get in on the blessings from God. Jump into the ministries here at FBC and God will bless you and your family greatly.

TOP TEN ways in 2016 that YOU can find Jesus at First Baptist Church and then learn how and use the tools there to share Jesus with others?

1- We have tons of free bibles, read one, give one.

2- Use your phone to make an appointment with the pastor or any trusted spiritual leader at FBC.

3- Free call 1-800-229-6144 Ext 1 & 2. Give it to people, cards to give away are located on the church organ in the sanctuary. A great and simple witnessing tool.

4- 2x2 witnessing packet. Which includes multiple ways to lead others to Jesus and then how to disciple them and then teach them to do the same. Located on the church organ in the sanctuary.

5- Multiple witnessing tracts placed every Sunday on the church organ in the sanctuary. And available upon demand. Just call.

6- Free Olive Wood Crosses from the Holy Land in pouches with prayers and witnessing tools in each one. Take some, pray over them and hand them out, then follow up and lead them to Jesus and ask them to church.

7- Periodic witnessing training classes and free personal training on demand.

8- We have all these services and classes: Sunday School all ages, Sunday Morning Worship, Sunday afternoon classes and service training for multiple ages, Sunday night bible study for multiple ages, Tuesday night bible study for more serious in depth study, Wednesday night prayer service all ages, Wednesday night bible study and mission classes, plus multiple activities and functions.

9- Our website has the plan of salvation ready to read and respond,

10- Our church secretary will lead you to Jesus if you drop by the office. Just ask her!!!


Bro. Doug


Women On Mission:

Since WOM did not meet in January we have no news from a meeting. As we progress into the new year we have several projects we will be working on. Annie Armstrong offering is fast approaching for the North American Missions. Announcements will be made about when we start collecting the offering and the last Sunday to have your donation turned in. WOM have decided to work towards buying a large nativity set to place on the front lawn of the church, between the church and the side parking lot. This will be paid for by a luncheon that will be held in April or May. We are diligently looking for the best bargain we can get. Hopefully by November of 2016 we will have one to set out and will be beautiful with lights. If you would like to donate to this or do a memorial that would help us very much. I encourage ladies, young, middle age, older or what ever you like to be called to please join us in a WOM meeting. We are always in need of ideas and look forward to hearing a variety of different thoughts about projects or plans. Let 2016 be your year to take the Great Commission to heart.

Whatever we do, we must not treat the Great Commission like it’s the Great Suggestion....

Pam, & Christy


FBC Worship Choir

In the worship choir, we have begun working on our Easter Cantata. It is called, "Believe" and we will present it on Palm Sunday, March 20th at 6:00 PM. We will also be a part of the Easter Sunday service on Sunday morning, March 27th. If you would like to be a part of this, we could definitely use you in the choir. Just come to rehearsal this Wednesday night after church. We will get you the music and a CD with which to practice. Remember: God gave you talent for a reason; to us for His glory!

Singing His Praises,



Extreme Arts & FBC Worship Choir:

For our Spring production this year, we will be doing a review of some of the musicals, skits, human videos, etc that we have done over the last 4 years. This will include selections from Live It to the Max, Friends Forever, Room 77, 2 Extreme the Musical, and more. If you were a part of our group in the past, and would like to help out on a song, skit, or whatever, come and join us this Sunday at 5:00 PM, so we can get your ideas about what you would like to be a part of or just get with me at your convenience. You will not have to come to every rehearsal, just the ones for the part you are doing. We just thought it would be neat to have some of you come back and re-do the roles you brought to life in these productions. We will also be doing some new stuff for this special night. For those of you considering helping with this project, you can be a part of as much or as little as you like. As of now, we would like to present this on April 17th, but we have not yet confirmed that date. I will give the definite date in the next newsletter.




FBC Music Committee:

We will be meeting on Sunday February 7th , 4:00 pm to go over the calendar for the first half of 2016. We will meet at 4:00 PM in the fellowship hall. Please bring your calendars and plenty of ideas! I’m looking forward to another great year at FBC!



Youth News:

Happy January everyone! Now that the holidays are over we have slowed down a little. But things are about to pick back up!

We have been in the book of James on Sunday nights. James is known for being extremely practical, yet it contains some of the most profound theological truths of the New Testament. We have been through 3 chapters so far. There has been great conversations as we talked about things like our trials, the difference between faith and works, and controlling our tongues. We should be done by the end of January. We have also had a lesson about our spiritual gifts. Hopefully that lesson will help them realize what gifts are given to them by God and how to use them for His glory.

We are also gearing up for church camp. As always, we will be attending Crossings Camp in Jonathan Creek, KY. If your youth signed up for camp, you should have by now gotten a letter explaining when payments are due. This year’s theme is """Identity"""". They will be challenged to recognize their identity before and after coming to know Christ.

A note on things that we are planning-Sometime in February, we will plan another lock-in. I have also been in contact with the Memphis Union Mission about coming to volunteer. At the end of February, we will start ""renting"" crosses for Easter. We will be attending Winter Jam in Memphis on March 5th. There is a sign-up sheet in the youth room. Then in April, we will be doing the 30 Hour Famine.

As you can see, we have a lot coming up, so please encourage your youth to be faithful in their attendance. As always, I thank you for allowing me to walk with and beside your kids. They are such a blessing to me! God Bless,

Kristy Riggs



Thank You

Words cannot say how wonderful my friends and church family have been to all of us that were affected by our beautiful Kaitlyn’s death.

The whole community wrapped their arms around us and gave us comfort.

To those that sent cards, brought food, gave memorials, said prayers and had thoughtful words to say to help make this time in our lives more bearable.

Kaitlyn was a sweet, wonderful, daughter, granddaughter and sister. We will never be the same, nor should we be, she had such kindness in her heart for most everyone she met. Kaitlyn wanted to be an organ donor and her parents honored her wish.

Thank you seems such small words to say, but it meant a lot to our family. God Bless you all!

The Family of Kaitlyn Elise Pullam


Thank You:

I would like to thank my church family for the outpouring of love during our time of loss. A special thanks to Bro. Doug for the beautiful service. Thanks to everyone who helped prepare the meal. A big thank you to the ladies that served & cleaned up. Also thank you for the Bible. There are no words that can express my heartfelt thanks.

Love you all,

Edna & Family of Jimmy Reno




Calendar Events:

Feb. 6: Fellowship hall reserved for Pam Bullington

Feb. 7 - 14 Focus on WMU Week

Feb. 7: 5:00 PM House & Grounds Committee

Feb. 7: 7:00 PM Deacons meeting

Feb. 10: 6:00 PM Potluck Meal

Feb. 10: 7:00 PM Business meeting

Feb. 20: Men’s Conference at Tallapoosa Baptist Church

Feb. 28: 7:30 AM Brotherhood Breakfast


March 12th: Temple Baptist Women’s Conference:

Laura Boyd, speaker



Please turn ALL charge tickets from Hays, The Store or any others so that we can determine what accounts to pay them from. There is a container in the fellowship hall on the counter for these receipts or you may drop them by the office or give them to Bro. Doug.




Honorarium given in Honor of Rae Michie;

give by an anonymous giver, Jim & Ewanda Young, Fred & Janice Boyd.

Memorials given in Memory of Kaitlyn Pullam; given by:

Bill & Christy Mercer, Pat Ferrell, Denny & Shelia Baird,

Fred & Janice Boyd

Memorial in Memory of Ernest Bullington; given by:

Billy & Marilyn McCullough

Memorial in Memory of Tom Boyd; given by Billy & Marilyn McCullogh

Memorial in Memory of Carl Rushing; given by: Charlie Jones

Memorials in Memory of Jimmy Reno; given by: Joe & Barbara Pullam, Jim & Ewanda Young

Memorial in Memory of Norman Howell; given by: Fred & Janice Boyd

Memorials in Memory of Kaitlyn Elise Pullam, given by: Joe & Barbara Pullam, Pat Ferrell, Ray & Mailyn Strawn

Honorariums given in Honor of:

Pam Peeler, by Bill & Christy Mercer

Marilyn Boyd; by Fred & Janice boyd

Marilyn Boyd; by Todd & Allison Higgs

Marilyn Boyd; by Jim & Ewanda Young

Pat Ferrell; given by Jim & Ewanda Young

Brenda Sides; given by Joe & Barbara Pullam, Fred & Janice Boyd

Carolyn Robertson: given by Fred & Janice Boyd



Children’s Mission Group: NO REPORT



If you are willing to help in the nursery 0 - 3 years old or the 4 - 5 years old (when completed),

please see Leslie Cunningham.



Bro. Doug, & Church Family,

Thank you so much for the flowers, they are absolutely beautiful! Also for the beautiful "Thank You" Reception on Sunday afternoon. Everything was beautiful! Thanks to the ladies who decorated, served, cleaned and to those who came with hugs and kind words, for the many cards, gifts and gift cards. Everything was very much appreciated by my family and me as well.

It has been my greatest pleasure to work here for the past 25 years (I can’t believe it’s been that long)!! Everyone has been so very kind and has made my work here very enjoyable and you all are very much like family.

Thanks Again!


Brenda Sides


Children’s Church Workers Schedule

1st Sunday: Hope Bynum & JoBeth Williams

2nd Sunday: Janice & Rickey Bell

3rd Sunday: Paige Gillock & Dorothy Watkins

4th Sunday: Amanda Maclin & Susan & Beth Prater

5th Sunday: Christy & Bill Mercer

* Ewanda Young Substitute

*Please contact Myra Sandage if you cannot be here on your designated Sunday



Please contact us: If your children or grandchildren have received any honors in school, let us know so we can announce it in the newsletter and put it on the tv announcements.

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