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A Word From Your Pastor:
  Happy February to you all. We are in the middle of winter now it seems and the cold has found us. This does not however have to put our Spirits into the
winter blah’s. Spring will be here before you know it and we will get to experience its beauty once again.
  February brings to us another Superbowl Sunday along with another look at Tom Brady and the G.O.A.T.  The GOAT will win once again and everyone will be upset. He is something else. Not that I want him to win, it’s just the way it goes most of the time. So, the beginning of February is exciting if you love football but after that a pretty boring month. Oh, I forgot Valentine’s Day, didn’t I. Well you love birds always enjoy this day each year but some experience thoughts of yesteryear. Remembering loved ones who once put you up on a
pedestal for this special day.
   This year will be ending our month of February in a very special way. The ordination of Joel Williams on the 24th will be a special day for the life of our church and the life of Joel and his family. I will return on this date from my open-heart surgery and very much look forward in rejoining my church family in this special way. Joel is a fine young man with a great family around him and supporting him. The deacon body will be stronger and better with this addition to the deacon body. Family ministry will get back into gear after Joel’s addition and I look forward to this making our church stronger.
   Have a Great month and may the Lord bless you in
everything you do!  

                                                                                         Your Pastor,

Easter/Sanctuary Choir
 The choir has begun working on our Easter musical. This year we will be presenting Russell Mauldin’s, “Rise Again”, based on the classic song by Dallas Holm. It features some classic songs by such artists as Dallas Holm, Don Francisco and Dottie Rambo. The choir will present this musical on Easter Sunday morning, April 21st. If you would like to be a part of this choir, we still have plenty of books available. We meet for rehearsal on Wednesday nights after church, around 7 PM.
  During our Vision Night service, several approached me about having a Sunday morning choir, as we used to have on a regular basis. I can’t do it without singers. If you want to be a part of the Sunday morning choir, meet me in the choir room at 10:25 Sunday morning. We will pray and I will get your
music for the hymns we will be singing that morning. I’m not asking you to do special music or be in the Easter choir, just the Sunday morning choir to help
me lead the morning worship. If it’s important to you to see the choir on the platform during Sunday morning worship, then I need you to come and sing
with us. Once again, I can’t do this without your help. 
                                                                                      Singing His Praises,


  Extreme Arts is back under way, and we’re working on some different things as well as preparing our Spring production. We will do Sunday Night Live
again this year, and will present that on April 28th during the evening worship service. If you would like to be a part of that, we meet on Sunday afternoons at 4 PM in the choir room. We are also preparing for our 2019 retreat, which will be April 26- 28. This year, we will be doing a Disciple Now format, as we did a couple of years ago. We need some volunteers to help with this. We need a couple of families who will take in our group members to let them board with you for the weekend. We also need people to help with the meals. I will have more info later on this, but if you’d like to volunteer, please get with me. That’s all for now. 


  2019 has begun and Women On Mission held our
first “Get Together”, a “Snow Flurry”, January 14 at 6
PM. Twelve ladies were present with Shelby Walker
joining as a welcome newcomer. Upon entering the
fellowship hall, we were greeted by snowflakes
“Falling” from the ceiling - some had even landed on
the walls. Snowmen and anything “snow related”
decked the room. All this due to the creativity of
Margaret Nash a longtime member and my  “Go To”
for decor to fit any occasion. Some snowpeople were
on loan from Sheila Simpson, and Brenda Sides, our
church secretary, helped me with some last minute
details. My thanks to both! After our opening prayer,
reading of the Watchword, and short explanation of
handout materials “Focusing On Jesus”, we prayed for
North American Missionaries, a mission trip by Union
University students and various other mission and
ministry needs. The food was blessed and we began
our business session. Officers include myself, as
director, Hope Grooms Bynum, assistant, Barbara
Meales as acting secretary, Pat Ferrell, Treasurer,
Janice Bell as scrapbook keeper, and Pam Bullington
as our photographer. Old business was discussed and it
was decided that we would continue any projects that
have become yearly events, such as the Easter baskets
for Foster Children (Susan Lemonds and Marilyn
Strawn are preparing a list of items needed for the
baskets) and totes will be placed in the fellowship hall 
so that you may drop off your purchases there. This
year, WOM will make up the baskets (any volunteer
helpers welcome) at a date and time to be announced.
Easter is on April 21. After “New Business” was
called for, those ladies burst forth with a “Fantastic
Flurry” of ideas and such like I had never before heard
or seen! It was enough to send my poor old decrepit
brain into a “Flurry” of its’ own!!  All the while, Pam
B. was clicking away with her camera!!! New
Missions and Ministry agreed upon were: A “Blessing
Box” to be placed outside the church; Melissa
McClain will chair this event, and an Easter Memory
Tree will be decorated with eggs Memorializing loved
ones for a $5.00 donation per egg. This money will go
to benefit the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. We
also voted to suggest a $4,000.00 goal at the next
church business meeting. 
  After the closing prayer, the door prize was awarded
to Marilyn Strawn, who was the tenth person to arrive
at the “Flurry”.     
   WOM will “Get Together” again on February 11,
2019 at 6 PM and the theme will be “Heart
Happenings–Ways to Show God’s Love”. Remember,
church, missions are all about Learning, Praying,
Doing, Giving and Going! We’re looking forward to a
great, God Blessed New Year!!!
                                                   JoAnn and Hope

 Hello Everyone! There’s a lot to report this time around,
so bear with me. We took a group of 14 to Branson for the
Xtreme Winter Youth Conference on December 27 - 29.
We’ve never attended this before, but it was awesome.
Lots of streamline groups for our worship time. But what
was the best thing to me were the speakers. These speakers
really got on the kids’ level. I even had one tell me
specifically that the speakers and what their life
experiences were, really spoke to them. So, it was
definitely an awesome experience. Plus, Branson was so
beautifully decorated for Christmas. I want to thank Pam
Bullington and Hope Bynum for going as chaperones.
Also, a big thank you to Bill and Christy Mercer for
helping fund this trip. It is so great to have so many big
supporters of the youth group because they are very
interested in the kids getting to experience things like this.
   We are currently doing our pizza fundraiser. I need the
kids to be at the church Saturday morning at 9AM to put
them together. They will be ready for pick-up around 1
PM. We will do deliveries early afternoon also. We will
have a small few that are extras, so if you didn’t get your
order in, just get with someone in the youth group. Thank
you to everyone that ordered!
  On January 27th, Darnell “Snoop” Rodgers brought a
message for us on Acceptance. What powerful words
he spoke at his age. It may have been short, but very
well done! We are so proud of this young man and his
growth. It took a lot of courage to get up there, and he
was very adamant that he wasn’t going to just read
from a piece of paper. This was a message from his
heart. I thank him for his dedication and his help
   We tried to go bowling on January 20th, but with the
weather, we re-scheduled. Our new date is February
10th. We will leave as soon as the kids get done with
Extreme Arts (around 5pm). We will go to the Kennett
Bowling Alley. We are going to bowl 2 games, so as
soon as we’re done, I will make sure everyone gets
home. Thank you to Pat Ferrell for funding this trip!
   We are currently raising money for our summer
trip. This will be the Xtreme Summer Youth
Conference in Panama City, FL. We opted for this trip
versus camp mainly because of the service projects
they will be doing. They will also be doing a Bible
study with a workbook, just like camp. The service
projects they will be doing is helping with relief from
the recent hurricane. We will have 3 different camp
pastors, alongside Will Goodwin, Francesca
Battistelli, KB, and Newsong doing our worship time.
So far, there’s 10 adults and students that will attend.
We still have time, so if anyone else wants to go,
please get with me.
   With Easter coming up, we will be starting our
cross ministry in March. So, next newsletter, I will
have the exact dates. We also have a progressive
dinner being planned in March as of right now. Hope
is heading this up. We are very excited for this and we
thank her for planning this and also the ones willing to
have a bunch of kids in their homes and fellowship
with them.
  As you can see, we have a lot going, so please
continue to be in prayer for us. We appreciate all the
support very much! 
                                                                         God Bless,
                                                     Kristy Riggs

 If you would like to be put on the calendar for
special music, please see Bro. Phil. 
Share your talents with the church for the glory of

Children’s Church Workers Schedule
February - Janice Bell
March - Paige Gillock
April - Kathryn & Terry Waldrop
Memory of Junko Lemonds;  given by: Fred &
Janice Boyd                                                 
Memory of Charline Adams; given by: Fred &
Janice Boyd

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