January, 2015 Beacon Newsletter

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January, 2015




Notes From Bro. Doug: 
   January 10th starts Brenda Sides’ 25th year as secretary at
FBC. I think some cards and even gifts would be a very
good way of expressing to her our thanks and appreciation.
   December has been a wonderful month. All the music, all
the fellowship, all the great decorations, all the wonderful
sacrificial giving, all the faithful worship and of course all
the good food. It is great to be with our church family
during the month of Jesus’ birth. Let’s continue to celebrate
our Savior’s birth, life, example, death, resurrection and
ascension until the day we go to heaven.
   I want to thank all of our departments for a great year.
You all have excelled in service and worship. Thanks for
your efforts and they have certainly brought Glory to the
Lord. I know that 2015 is going to be a great year too. Let’s
pray now for the direction God has for us all at FBC.
   I want to thank Tim Abernathy and Dr. Doug Fitzwater
as they fill in during my absence at the end of December. I
will have both kids home from seminary and college and we
are going to have a great time together.
   I want to invite you all to the Annual Associational Sno-
Country Singing. It will be at FBC Caruthersville on
January 17th from 9:00 am - noon with a meal to follow. If
you would like to sing, see Bro. Phillip ASAP.
   We will be starting a church council this year. Our first
meeting is January 5th at 7:00 pm and will be held every
month on the first Monday at 7:00 pm. We will be looking
at the calendar and bouncing ideas and making plans each
   Observance of the Lord’s supper will be on Sunday
January 4th at 10:30 am. Come and join us as we start the
New Year remembering the death, burial and resurrection of
Jesus Christ.
   The Quarterly Sunday School fellowship will be on
January 11th at 10:00 am in the fellowship hall. The
Bullington class will be the host.
    Our annual Men’s Day worship service will be Sunday
January 25th at 10:30 am. If any boys, youth or men would

be willing to sing, give a testimony or preach, see Bro.
Doug ASAP. We will have an all mens’ choir that day.
                                                                           Bro. Doug



Extreme Arts
    Extreme Arts will start again on January 4th at 4:00 PM in
the choir room! This year we will have a lot of cool stuff
happening! We will do, for the Spring, another Retro 80's
musical called, “Live It To The Max!” this musical is crazy
and totally tubular to the max! I can’t wait to see how our
group puts their spin on it. It’s made for a small group, so
it will be perfect for us! Also, we will do a couple of things
we’ve never done before. One thing, we will do a
Christmas presentation for 2015. It will be made up of skits
and songs that I know will help to make your holiday
season awesome! It will also include a couple of Veggie
Tale’s Classics. That’s all I’ll give away about that. The
thing I am most excited about for 2015 is our Summer
Project. This year’s Summer project was a joint venture
with Kinfolks Ridge Baptist Church that I think went over
really good. Next year, we will try out our chops at writing
our own musical to be brought to you in the early Fall. We
will still use popular and classic songs, but will write the
story and script ourselves. I can’t wait to see how that turns
out! We will begin recruiting new members now, so if you are in
grades 7th - college and would like to give our little group a try,
we would love to have you! We have plenty of room to add you
to our family!!


FBC Sanctuary Choir                        
Sunday nights @ 6:00 pm
    Our sanctuary choir is getting ready for our annual
Christmas musical project. This year we are doing
something a little different. We will have a more informal
night of music, food, fun and fellowship. On December 21st
at 5:00 pm join us in our fellowship hall as the Sanctuary

    Choir presents, “Memories of Christmas Past.” we will be
doing a mini-cantata featuring the music of Carman and
will have a special potluck dinner featuring Christmas
favorites such as finger foods, dips, candies, chocolate,
pies, cakes, brownies, etc. We will have a festive night
together with additional music and some of our choir
members will share some of their favorite Christmas
memories with you. We hope that you will come and bring
your favorite Christmas finger foods, candies, or desserts
with you to share with us all. I’m really looking forward to
this and hope you are, too!! I am also beginning to plan
things for next year. I will have more on that in the January
newsletter. By the way, we are still recruiting new
members, if you would like to join us and share your
talents with us for the glory of the Lord. We would love to
have your join our little family!                                          



Women On Mission:
   FBC Caruthersville. Congratulations to church members, the
youth and WOM for reaching and surpassing the Lottie Moon
Goal of $10,000.00 and also for filling 135 Samaritan Shoe
Boxes this year. WOM have been busy on projects to raise
money for the Lottie Moon Christmas offering, their Merry
Christmas Mart was a huge success on December 6th, raising
approximately $1,100.00. They also sold poinsettias in honor
or memory of someone. Money from these funds raisers will go
toward the Lottie Moon goal. Their December meeting was held
at the home of Bro. Doug with fellowship and snacks enjoyed by
everyone. The church received recognition certificates for their
contributions to the Annie Armstrong and Lottie Moon offerings
in 2013.

Total offerings to date for Lottie Moon: $11,715.35



Special Music:                                                        
   If you would like to be put on the calendar to sing a
special in our morning service, please get with me, so I
can put you in the rotation. We have a lot of talent in our
church and I hope you will share it with us!                          


January Calendar: 
January 4th: 10:30 am Observance of the Lord’s


Baby Shower:
Nikki Bell Brown January 4th 2:00 - 4:00 pm


January 5th: 7:00 pm Church Council meeting in the
fellowship hall 


Baby Shower:
Beth Prater January 10th 10:00 am - Noon


January 11th 10:00 am S.S. Fellowship with
Bullington Class as host


January 12th 6:30 pm Women on Mission meeting


January 25th : 7:30 am Brotherhood Breakfast
10:30 am Baptist Men’s Day

House & Grounds Mtg. January 11, 4:00 pm
Deacons Mtg. January 11, 6:00 pm
Business Mtg. January 14:  7:00 pm
 Potluck at 6:00 p.m. For the meal, you bring    
everything except the drinks and bread.



Youth News:
    Merry Christmas to everyone. Well it’s already
here. Where did this year go? I hope everyone had a
good Thanksgiving. Whew we always eat too much,
but the groceries were great as usual! LOL
   We have the Youth room decorated for Christmas
and will be having our annual Christmas party from
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on the 17th of December. I will
be running the van to take anyone home since we are
staying until 9:00.
    The youth were told to bring something for our
potluck dinner before the presents. They were also
told to bring a gift that was at least $10.00. We have
also bought extra’s for those who could not afford a
gift, no one is left out! I am excited and looking
forward to the party and especially the gift game. It
was a HOOT last year. These kids get serious about
swapping things off. Bring on the beef jerky!!! LOL
    On December 4th the youth group participated in
the Caruthersville Christmas parade. We handed out
500 handmade scarves to the children along the
parade route and 500 Life Books to the adults and
older children who were watching the parade. If one
scarf or one book helps someone think about and
help them find their way to loving the Lord, it was
worth it. We had a good December.
    We want to thank Rickey Bell, William “Slugger”
Gillock, Jacob Peeler and Taylor Patterson for their
help. Also the Bullington family for the use of their
ATV. We want to thank Louie (Mejia) Franks and
Theresa Jean for the wonderful scarves we passed out.
They were beautiful and the kids’ eyes lit up when
they were given one. The Blessings are many here at
   On December 9th the youth group help sort cans
for the Caruhtersville Ministerial Alliance. We
provided pizza and drinks to about 40 people. I was
asked to speak by Bro. Jim Pilcher. I talked about

getting Jesus in your heart and how important it is to
make the arrangements to serve the Lord and GO TO
HEAVEN. We ended with everyone holding hands in a
circle and a prayer. It was a good night and for a good
cause. CMA keep up the good work!
    On December 13th we made the trip to Bellevue
Church in Memphis for the Singing Christmas Tree.
We had 28 people attend and it was AMAZING as
usual. The story was good and the performers were
top notch. If you have never been you need to make
plans to go next year. Just get with me and I will put
you down for tickets when the next show is
announced. Thanks to Bro. Earl, Bro. Shawn, Pam,
Hope and Susan Prater for going with us. We got a
group picture and made it back in time to help with
the children’s Christmas play. 
     We have high hopes for 2015. We will continue
to serve the Lord, teach the youth about GOD and
help them in their spiritual walk throughout their
lives. We are honored to work with the youth and for
the outpouring of support from our First Baptist
Church Family. We are looking forward to the
upcoming Christmas Eve service and hope to see
everyone there. We love all of you and we wish you a
Merry Christmas!
                                                  Chris & Kristy,
                                                         Youth pastor



Children’s Missions (Formerly GA’s & RA’s) 
   The Christmas play was a huge success! I loved it
and I’m sure you did too. All the kids and Mrs. Peggy
did such a wonderful job! We’re all looking forward to
a brand new year. Now it’s time to get back to the
regular schedule of learning about missions. We
would love for your little ones to join us, if they’re not
already, every Wednesday at 7:00.
                                                   Paige Gillock 



5th & 6th Grade Missions:
   Calling all 5th & 6th graders. Come join us on
Wednesday nights as we learn about our missionaries here
and abroad. God Bless.
                                                     Kristy Riggs


A Memorial was given for Kyle Pullam; given by Fred &
Janice Boyd  


Dear Church Family,
   Thank you for all your prayers, calls, visits and the
cards during Chuck’s surgery. 
                                            Chuck & Jo Ann Manz  


Please contact us: If your children or  grandchildren have
received any honors in school,  let us know so we can
announce it in the newsletter.


Lottie Moon Goal for 2014: $10,000.00
We have to date: $11,715.35



P.R.A.I.S.E. Report
     The Children’s Choir did a wonderful job. I know God was
very happy! The children’s choir will not meet the
21st, because we will be having the adult musical. We
will have our party Sunday January 4th at the church.
The kids are to bring their favorite snack, and we will
not meet on the 28th.  We will play games and have a
special story time.

                                                       Peggy Boyd



Church Family,
   I would like to thank each one of you for your
prayers, calls, cards and visits during my recent stay in
the hospital.
                                                  Charlie Jones  



The Caruthersville High School football team,
cheerleaders, and coaching staff
would like to
thank you for your part in “feed the Tigers”
program this season. It’s great to have churches,
community members and local businesses
showing their Tiger Pride in this manner. We
appreciate you!



The church wishes to say a BIG Thank you to Theresa Jean
and Elizabeth “Louie” Franks for the scarves they made for
the Christmas parade and a thanks to those who passed
them out during the parade



Merry Christmas and Thank You on behalf of the
staff at FBC, I would like to thank you for our
Christmas bonuses. We look forward to serving you
in 2015. Happy New Year!
                                                              Bro. Doug

  December 2020  
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