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June, 2016




Notes From Bro. Doug:

FBC is by the Grace of God slowly but surely building God’s Kingdom in the name of Jesus. Thank you for the continued prayers and support for our ministries here at FBC. We can only be here if you support your church,

again thank you for the many who place Jesus and His church first.

We had a very moving Day of Remembrance worship service led by Phillip Barksdale. This is a national remembrance of the holocaust. Also FBC had a good group of members go to the court house lawn in Caruthersville for the National Day of Prayer. Let’s all keep praying for our country, she certainly needs it!!

In my absence on May 8th, due to Laura and Michael getting married, Bro. Doug Fitzwater preached and Jim DeReign gave the Gideon report. The church gave $1,400.00 through a love offering to the Gideons for their bible ministry. That amount opens the door for over 600,000 hotel patrons to read God’s Word.

Bro. Jack Young, the brother of Elizabeth Hardesty and son of Frances Young, will be speaking Sunday morning June 26th during the morning service.

Our Memorial Harvest Day in May was a huge success. The theme was a Old Fashioned Sunday. Some of you dressed in pretty old fashioned clothes. We had a great service and great meal (thank you kitchen committee) and a wonderful Old Fashioned Hymn Sing after the meal planned and led by Bro. Phillip.

We have a new summer intern for this summer, Sara Riggs started Sunday May 22nd and will serve until Sunday August 7th with the annual Back To School Bash from 2 - 4 pm. If you need her services, please give her plenty of preparation time for whatever you need help with.

Our church council met this month and planned out the calendar through October. We have so many great things that have happened and are about to happen at FBC.

Our youth will be attending the Crossing Ministry youth camp in Jonathan Creek, KY from June 12 - 17th.

Our VBS this year is Sunday June 26th - Thursday June 30th from 5:55 pm - 8:25 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend and the theme is Lifeway’s "Submerged."

God is blessing all our families at FBC. Let’s all give Him praise and honor!!!

Bro. Doug



Women On Mission

Plans are being made to order the Nativity Set. We have enough funds to order most of the set, due to a generous offering and the money that has been given for memorials and in honor of...Thanks to all who contributed to this cause. I believe you will be well pleased when you see the display at Christmas time.

The next planned event will be our annual Ice Cream Social in August for the Lottie Moon offering.

Women on Mission will not be meeting in the month of June and July due to vacations and etc. When we meet again in the fall we will be gearing toward Samaritan Purse articles and WOM Merry Mart. Everyone have a safe summer.

Sometimes the place you’re used to is not the place you belong.

Sometimes a new, unfamiliar and uncomfortable place is precisely where God wants you to be.

Pam & Christy


Vacation Bible School Team:

Plans are moving right along for VBS. I am in need of a teacher for the 1 - 2 grade class. If you would like to take this class please get with me ASAP...as I have said before, VBS is one of the most Evangelistic events of the year. The youth are busy, busy making decorations and seem to be enjoying it. Please consider being a part of this event. There is a place for every volunteer.

Pam and the VBS team



Cross ministry & Witness materials are on top of the sanctuary organ.



"FBC Free Call Ministry"


Ext. 1: "I Want A New Life" Part 1

Ext. 2: "I Want A New Life" Part 2

Ext. 3: "Dial-A-Devotion"

Ext. 4: "Emergency Announcements" (ice/snow days)

Ext. 5: "Deacons names and phone numbers"


Children’s Group: No Report



FBC Worship Choir

Can you believe it? I have already ordered our materials for our Christmas musical, which we will begin working on next month..that’s right next month! We will be doing a presentation by Dennis and Nan Allen called, "He Is Here". The Allen’s have written many musicals over the years, including "Live It to the Max", which Extreme Arts presented last year. Dennis Allen was also one of the key arrangers for our 2008 hymnals that we have in the sanctuary. They still write musicals and arrange songs for children’s, youth, and adult choirs. I’m very excited about this Christmas musical and hope you will all love it as well. In the meantime, we still have plenty of 3rd Sunday Specials to keep us busy throughout the Summer. I hope you all have a great Summer and I hope to see you on as many Wednesday night rehearsals as we can fit in. It’s really easy to join the choir; just show up Wednesday night after church! Remember: God gave you talent for a reason...to use for His glory!

Singing His Praises,



Extreme Arts & FBC Worship Choir:

Well, it’s been a crazy year! I believe this year we have not only pushed some boundaries, but we have also set a high bar for all future groups to grasp. I remember the first time I showed you some of the stuff I wanted us to do this past season, and your wide eyes and gaping mouths spoke volumes. However, I had faith in you and you did not disappoint. You exceeded every hope I had for you, and I am so proud of you all! We are now officially on hiatus (that means "vacation", Erin), until August 14th. Thank you all for working so hard to make this our best season yet! I cannot wait until next season!!!!

Love Ya’ll



Youth News:

Hello everyone! I want to start off bragging on the youth. We participated in the 30 Hour Famine sponsored by World Vision on April 29th and 30th. And, wow, what a blessing it was! We started Friday night with some praise and worship time, then we had reflection time, with candles being lit, remembering children that die from hunger related issues. Then we got right into our tribal games. We ended Friday night out with a talent show. Then, it was up bright and early Saturday to start out tribal games again. Most of these were based off of African culture. We also followed a 12 year old boy from a village in Kenya named Ekai. We saw how he spends his day, i.e. going to school, getting ready for school, getting water for the family, herding his family’s goats, playing games and saw how they ate their one meal a day. We also worked them hard for about 3 hours doing community service. About 4 pm, Pam Peeler came to speak with them about her time that she spent in Nairobi. They paid close attention. But then, it came time to really connect them to the people we were learning about. They each got 5 gallon buckets and we walked from the church to the river. They then filled their buckets with river water and walked back to the church. This is only a very short distance compared to how far people in Africa go to get water. She then told them what the families used the water for. About 8 pm, Phil came and did a sermon with them. Then about 8:30 we broke the fast. They did all this with very little complaining (that I heard) and they remained an awesome team! I would like to thank a few people, Pam Bullington came up and helped Friday night, Sara Riggs and Hope Bynum stayed the whole time and worked very hard also. Thank you to Bro. Doug for all his support and helping me get materials together. Thanks to Phil for getting me praise and worship and other materials together. Also, thanks for coming to do the sermon with them. And a big thanks to Pam Peeler for the impact she made on the youth that day. Also, thanks to the ones that donated. We raised $199.00 for World Vision.

We will have our camp meeting on May 25th at 8:00 pm. By then, all deposit money and registrations need to be done. I can not believe that camp is in about 2 weeks! This will be my 5th year going and I get excited about it every year.

On May 29th, we will participate in the morning worship as we have our Memorial Day service. We will be carrying in the flags again.

The youth have worked hard on helping get decorations done for VBS. I appreciate their willingness to help with this. We will be continuing this until we get done. We have some very talented and artistic kids.

We will be planning another outing soon, but it will probably be in July. June is so busy with camp and VBS.

I ask that you continue to pray for me and the youth as we go forward with these activities. We really do have a great group of kids. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of their lives.

God Bless,

Kristy Riggs



Summer Intern:

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Riggs and I am going to be acting as the Summer Intern at First Baptist over this summer. I will be taking over the Children’s Sermon every Sunday morning at church and will also be available to fill in as the teacher for any children’s class or youth if needed. I will be attending youth camp and children’s camp, taking over the Back to School Bash in August and working as the 3 - 4 grade class teacher for VBS! If anyone needs me to help with anything that they’re doing or needs a fill in teacher for their class, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! I’m very blessed to have this position in the church and am excited to see how God will use me in the church service and in deepening my faith! Thanks, and see y’all around!!




Memorials for Jimmy Reno; Keith Jean, Polly DeReign, Frank Morgan, Bud Blanchard, Tom Boyd, Vela Ledford, Ernest Bullington and Nita McGraw were given by Jerry & Libby Dudley.

Memorials for Red Pate, Margaret Jane Glozier, Juanita House ; give by Fred & Janice Boyd

Memorials for Juanita House; given by:Chester Kordahl, Carrie Kordahl, Pat Ferrell, Earl Bullington



Children’s Church Workers Schedule

1st Sunday: Hope Bynum

2nd Sunday: Janice & Rickey Bell

3rd Sunday: Paige Gillock & Dorothy Watkins

4th Sunday: Amanda Maclin & Susan & Beth Prater

5th Sunday: Christy & Bill Mercer

* Ewanda Young Substitute

*Please contact Myra Sandage if you cannot be here on your designated Sunday


If you are willing to help in the nursery 0 - 3 years old or the 4 - 5 years old

please see Leslie Cunningham


Please contact us: If your children or grandchildren have received any honors in school, let us know so we can announce it in the newsletter and put it on the tv announcements.


Please turn ALL charge tickets from Hays, The Store or any others so that we can determine what accounts to pay them from. There is a container in the fellowship hall on the counter for these receipts or you may drop them by the office or give them to Bro. Doug.



Children’s Mission:

Yay, the school year is over!! We’ve had a few classes outside and plan to keep that up if the weather allows it. The kids really do enjoy it.

Missions class meets every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm, for kids up to 4th grade.


Thank you,

Paige Gillock


Thank You:

Just a "Thank You" to Jerry & Elizabeth Dudley for the Memorial to Polly DeReign.

Jim & Vicky DeReign



Calendar Events:

June 5: 11:45 am VBS meeting

June 5: 5:00 pm House & Grounds Committee meeting

June 5: 7:00 pm Deacons meeting

June 8: 6:00 pm Potluck Meal

June 8: 6:30 pm Family Prayer

June 8: 7:00 pm Business meeting

June 11: 9:00 am - Noon Free Doctor’s Clinic with Dr.

Doug Fitzwater in the children’s building

June 11: 5:00 pm Deacons meal at Boyette’s in Reelfoot

June 12 - 17 Youth Camp at Jonathan Creek, KY

June 12 - 15: Missouri Baptist Convention/St. Louis

June 17: 6:00 pm Brandon & Emma Wedding Rehearsal

June 18: 3:00 pm Brandon Quillin & Emma Fitzwater’s Wedding

June 26: 10:30 am guest speaker: Jack Young

June 26: 5:55 - 8:25 pm VBS

June 27: 5:55 - 8:25 pm VBS

June 28: 5:55 - 8:25 pm VBS

June 29: 5:55 - 8:25 pm VBS

June 30: 5:55 - 8:25 pm VBS

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