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March, 2013


Notes From Bro. Doug: God has been so good to us at FBC He has instilled unity & a loving family. We give Him all the glory! We have so many ways to serve the Lord at FBC. I am so thankful for the many who serve, help, give & support our church family and the mission God has given us. The Sr. Adult Valentine Banquet was a huge success. We thank all who helped and we thank "Christian Love" for their great music. We are gearing up for a wonderful Easter Season. I hope you will plan on taking part in all activities & musicals. God is doing great things in our music department under the leadership of Phillip Barksdale. He is so willing to serve and is very talented. God is also blessing our youth program. Chris & Kristy do a wonderful job. The children’s program is flourishing with our P.R.A.I.S.E. group with Morgan Treece & our mission groups taught by Kristy Riggs, Peggy Boyd & Dana Constant. Of course our Women On Mission is leading well. Brotherhood is growing and God is blessing our men’s ministry. And we got a great start with our sr. adult group. So thank God today for His Blessings at FBC.


It’s Great to Be Your Pastor!

Bro. Doug


Please contact us: If your children or grandchildren have received any honors in school, let us know so we can announce it in the newsletter.


Women On Mission News: We are in full swing gathering up goodies for Easter baskets for the foster children. We have 77 children that we will be delivering to. A big "thank you" to all who have (or will) donate items and their time in putting this project together. We will begin March with our "Week of Prayer" for the Annie Armstrong mission offering. Our goal is $3,000.00. The March 10th evening service will be all about this mission project. On March 17th, prepare to stay after morning worship and enjoy "Irish" stew and other hot soups, salad and dessert with all donations going toward our goal. The actual day of the "offering" is March 24th, but you can begin making your offerings now; just make sure to designate on your envelope that it is for the Annie Armstrong Mission offering.

We are also collecting items for the VA Medical Center in Poplar Bluff for the residents and patients. Lists will be distributed around the church and a box will be in the fellowship hall. This is a local mission project and a way we can support our beloved veterans! We will collect the items through March and Christy will deliver them the first week of April.

We have so many wonderful, amazing mission-minded ladies in our group, fellowshipping with one another and working toward furthering God’s kingdom. Won’t you join us? Our next meeting will be March 11th at 6:30 pm in the fellowship hall.

Christy, Pam and Peggy

Newletter Articles are due by the 20th of each month


Youth Report:

It seems like just yesterday that I was writing January’s report. The youth started off the month by making pizzas at the church on Saturday Feb. 2nd. We had several youth show up and we made over 300 pizzas. We would like to thank all that bought and supported this fundraising event. Thanks to Hayti Pizza Hut manager, Robert for helping with the pizza boxes. We thank all of those who came to help especially Sherri Storey. Those days at Little Pizza Heaven came back to her that day. Funny thing was Mike Trainor was at the church for a training class and I believe gave Sherri a couple of pointers. LOL.

We have been planning a trip to Winter Jam in Memphis, so far we have 30 going this Sunday March 3rd. We will leave after church. The kids will need spending money and we will be back around 12:00. God is so good and you see God everywhere when you have your eyes focused on Him.

The youth group is going through growing pains with normal teenage drama, relationships on the verge of collapse and school work getting harder and harder. Do you remember what high school and being a teenager was like? Well take your thoughts x 10 and that is how society treats them now and what that have to put up with. I love my kids and we have a good youth group & good ones moving up. We continue to grow & learn & love each other more every day. Being at church at least gives them the opportunity to focus for a short time on GOD and nothing else. We all should give more time to God.

We are getting ready to go see The Museum at the Agape Worship center & Winter Jam in 5 days. We can’t wait, more fellowship, fun and making memories, you can’t beat that!

Wish us luck, I will report back next month, hopefully???

With God’s Love,

Chris & Kristy Riggs


Hello Everyone,

We have been back in the swing of things since the holidays. This month, we have continued to learn about our missionaries from Oklahoma to East Africa. We have done some very fun activities that go with our lesson like blindfolding a kid and having the other say their name to see if the voices were familiar. This went with a lesson about a missionary kid that familiarized herself with God’s voice to discover the precise direction God has in mind for her ministry. We have also learned that although missionaries have a tough time ministering in certain circumstances, through God it is not impossible. Also, we will be starting a new mission project soon. I should be able to tell more about that next month. I enjoy my time with the kids every Wednesday! "And He said to them, "Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation." Mark 16:15

God Bless,

Kristy Riggs, 5th & 6th grade missions


Common Ground

FBC’’s Praise and Worship Team

Where do I start? I have really been enjoying our practices on Sunday afternoons. The group sounds great! Its seems that due to the demands of school, jobs, and other life-happenings, Common Ground has lost a few members over the last few months, but has also gained new members. While I hate to see our members leave, I also love the additions to the group. I guess that’s just kind of how it is sometimes with church groups. Unfortunately due to school demands and other life events, Beth Prater had decided that she is going to have to take a break from singing with us. Beth was one of the first members of the group, and I hate to lose her just when our group is really starting to come together strong. In her defense, she has tried so hard to juggle things to make room for us, but it’s just too much right now. We wish you nothing but the best and hope that you will continue to use the talent God has given you to give glory to His name.
 Tatum Riggs is now our official power point person! She has been helping out and doing an awesome job. I am so glad to welcome her to our group officially. Erin is now singing with us permanently (is that right? It doesn’t look right! Man, I hope my spell check is working. Don’t want anyone to think I graduated from Cooter!), and is also doing a wonderful job. Our latest addition to the group is Bro. Doug! I knew he couldn’t resist for long! Thanks for being such a big help to me! We are working hard to prepare for some upcoming events, such as The Thorn on Easter Sunday morning. I just have to say thanks so much to Christian Dudley who is going to play drums on one of the songs we will be doing for The Thorn. He has been taking lessons from Chris Riggs, and is doing so well, that Chris and I both wanted to give the church a chance to see how well he’s progressing! It will just be for the one song, but I have a feeling that you are going to see more and more of this young man who is using his talents for the glory of our Lord, Jesus Christ! I also want to say thanks to the whole group for putting up with me, and working so hard at these practices! You are all doing phenomenal and I can’t wait to see the doors God will open to use us in the future! That’s all for now! I’ll see you all Sunday morning at 9:00 am for Praise and Worship in the Memorial chapel!

Soli Deo Gloria,


Special Music

If you would like to be put on the calendar to sing a special in our morning service, please get with me, so I can put you in the rotation. We have a lot of talent in our church and I hope you will share it with us!

FBC Adult Choir

Wednesday Nights at 8pm

The adult choir is working on a Cantata for Easter called "Majesty". It is a wonderful score, and story which looks back over the week of the Passion through the eyes of the Apostle John and Mary Magdalene. We will present this musical on Palm Sunday night at 6:00 pm in the sanctuary. The adult choir will also be doing selections during our special Easter service, "The thorn". It’s not too late to be a part of what God is doing in this amazing group of people! If you would like to be a part of the choir, get with Bro. Doug or me..we will definitely be able to use you!

Basic Apologetics

Every Sunday night at 6:00 pm in the Chapel

Apologetics is the intellectual defense of the truthfulness of Christianity. Christianity has always been under attack, and God has always raised up apologists to challenge the unbelief that is always fashionable. Jude 3 tells us to "earnestly contend for the faith" and, in our group, we are learning to do just that! This Sunday, Feb. 24th, will be our last official class, we will talk about the return of Jesus Christ as Judge and King. This will be the last time we meet as a class, so make sure to bring your hankey’s. I’ll probably need it!! Lol! Then we will present our Manifesto to our church body in the Sunday morning service on March 10th. It has been such an honor to teach this class and I hope I will have another opportunity to teach again soon. You have been an awesome group of people and I will cherish the time and discussions we have had together in our group!

Soli Deo Gloria,





2 Extreme

FBC Youth Choir

Choir practice will now be every Sunday at 4:00 pm, until we spring forward on March 10th. After that, we will meet every Sunday at 5:00 pm. I am currently planning our tour of "2 Extreme: The Musical" which will take place between the middle of March though the middle of May. This doesn’t mean we will be somewhere every week doing this musical. It just means the tour will begin in the middle of March and after the middle of May we will no longer be doing that musical. We are also going to begin working on a new musical. We are doing a retro-style theme for this one. It’s called "Friends Forever". FBC youth group did this back in the late 80's. We will try to recreate their look, costumes, set, vocabulary and even their dance moves. I hope our congregation will feel like they just stepped into a time machine when they show up to see this one. We will also be working on some extra stuff. We have a few human videos that I would like to see us do and some newer selections for special occasions, so your brain doesn’t melt from all the retro we’re doing! You will also be playing a big part in our special Easter Sunday presentation of "The Thorn". More on that at our first rehearsal!! If you are not yet a part of 2 Extreme and would like to be, just be in the chir room at 4:00 pm on February 24th, you must be in the 7th grade through college and be willing to make a joyful noise.



Thank you Bro. Doug, the youth and the adults who helped with the adult Valentine meal; you did a great job with everything! We never had to ask for anything; the youth were right there checking to see if we needed anything. We have such a great youth group and I am proud of them all!! Thank you too, for the nice surprise you gave Ray and me. God Bless each and everyone of you.

Marilyn Strawn


The Thorn

Easter - it’s the greatest story ever told, and on March 31st it will come to life with The Thorn Easter Experience! Through realistic videos of the Easter story, live dramas, and beautiful music featuring our worship team, Common Ground, the Adult Choir, and P.R.A.I.S.E., you will experience the power and compassion of Jesus’ life, the pain of his crucifixion and the triumph of his resurrection. The Thorn is a spectacular, live presentation of the story of the cross. With its combination of music, acting, dance, martial arts, and pyrotechnics, The Thorn has become the largest volunteer-based Easter production in the United States. Nearly one million people have witnessed this dramatic live event, and now exclusive videos, music and dramatic monologues from The Thorn are available to us for our Easter service. You won’t want to miss this!! Easter is a perfect opportunity to invite friends, neighbors and co-workers to join us at FBC, so begin praying for the people you will invite! The Thorn Easter Experience is a unique and beautiful service that will inspire your guests and encourage them to respond to the saving grace of the gospel message.

Easter services: March 31, 2013 at 10:30 am.

FBC P.R.A.I.S.E. Report

Children’s Easter Program

"The Easter that Almost Wasn’t"

March 17th at 6:00 pm

Bring your favorite finger food for a snack fellowship following the children’s program

We would like to thank the four youth and the adults that prepared and served at the Sr. Adult Valentine Banquet. The Food was excellent, the service was great and the music was outstanding. We really enjoyed ourselves. Once again a BIG THANK YOU!

Fred & Janice Boyd

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Memorial for Joe Parkinson; given by Johnny & JoAnn Hosler.

Memorial for Hugh "Buddy" James; given by Jean Ann and Beth James

Deacon of the Week:

Feb. 24 - March 2: Nathan Pinkerton 870-623-3388

March 3 - 9: Jon Constant 724-2198

March 10 - 16: Denny Baird 724-9699

March 17 - 23: Bill Mercer 450-9385

March 24 - 30: Jim Young 359-5623

Nursery Workers:

March 3: Kristy Riggs March 10: Dana Constant

March 17: Melissa McClain March 24: April Davis

March 31: Ashlea Riggs


Praise & Worship Service:

9:00 am every Sunday morning


GA’s & RA’s Missions

No Report from GA’s or RA’s this month


Puppet Ministry: (4th Sunday of each month 4:00 pm)

Chris & Kristy Riggs are in charge of this ministry, if you are interested in helping, contact Chris or Kristy or if you would like to donate, we have a special fund for this ministry.

The Baptist Hour: Every Sunday 8:00 am KCRV 1370


House & Grounds Meeting March 10: 4:00 pm

Deacons meeting March 10: 6:00 pm

Pot-Luck March 13: 6:00 pm

Business Meeting March 13: 7:00 pm








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