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A Word From Your Pastor:

The Great month of April is coming to a close. I look forward to the month of May as we grow both numerically and Spiritually. Susan and I are enjoying our beginning here with you at FBC Caruthersville. Last month I got to meet several new people in our community which will provide opportunities in the future for FBC. I found out that people do read my articles in the paper each week which is encouraging to me.

Ok church, where we go from here depends on you. I cannot reach everyone here in Caruthersville and the surrounding area by myself. I expect you all to do your part in inviting and praying for those in your circle of friends. Character plays a huge role in this. If people know you, what do they know? How are you perceived by others? What does your reputation say? Are you a gossip? Do you live like a Christian should live? Do you love others as yourself? All "others" by the way, regardless of color, the past, regardless of how they treated you.

Our numerical growth depends on YOU! The new preacher will bring in a few but YOU are the key to the church & its future. Your Spiritual growth also depends on YOU. I cannot control your mind to somehow become closer to the Lord. I pray the Holy Spirit will do a work in us that causes change in our thinking concerning the importance of a Christ like behavior at all times. We must grow closer to Jesus if we expect any real growth in us as a church. Funny thing is some will read this and think they are close enough to Jesus but they are sadly mistaken. We all need to grow Spiritually.

Many important days are coming in the month of May and beyond. Will we just do the same old things with the same old attitude or do we long for and pray about where Jesus wants to take us in the future. Church can become habitual and worthless. Church does become habitual and worthless to some of us. Or do you long to hear from Jesus and His direction in your life. My prayer for us in the future is Spiritual growth. Getting closer to Jesus should be our focus every day. Sadly, I know people and some of us will never change and it breaks my heart knowing we could be so much more in Christ.

Let us live as Jesus lived or at least this should be our goal. When we slip up I pray we REPENT of our SINS and do much better next time. Jesus wants to take us somewhere but some of us are not ready for this journey. I hope you pray fervently about all that I have said this month. We must change if we want to get closer to Jesus and His ways or you and I can stay the same never experiencing what the Lord longs for us to be. As your pastor the Lord instructs me to challenge you. I hope we strive to become better than we are. Romans 12:1-2

In Christ,

Bro. Jimmy

FBC Worship Choir

The choir is beginning to grow again, Hallelujah! I’m praying that we will continue to see new members, and I hope you will pray about being a part of this ministry. A lot of people say, "I’m just not good enough to get up there and sing with the choir", but that is not true. I’m not asking you to sing a solo. I’m asking you to blend your voice with ours to form a beautiful sound that encourages and builds up the church. Standing at the front every Sunday, I can hear the congregation, you would know that it is a beautiful sound. When our voices unite in praises to our King, it is wonderful and God loves that and blesses that.

We are always stronger together. Not everyone in the choir is a powerful vocal soloist, but when we blend together, the sound becomes strong and powerful. So pray about being a part of the choir. I

believe God will bless you as you bless the church with your talent. We need you!

The choir did a tremendous job on Easter Sunday, and will now be blessing the church every Sunday by being a part of the morning worship service. They will be ministering in special music as well on the last Sunday of every month. Because of this, we are wanting to get chairs for the choir loft. These chairs are sturdy and attractive, while at the same time are light weight and stackable. We are asking people to help us with this by sponsoring one or more chairs. The cost is $37.95 per chair, and we are hoping to get 20 of them, so that as the choir continues to grow, we can have enough chairs without having to order more or bring in folding chairs. This price is only good until the end of June, then the costs will go back up to $52.00 per chair, so we hope to reach our goal by this month to get the sale price.

If you would like to sponsor a chair, just put your check in the offering plate and write, "for choir chairs" in the memo section. You can also give the funds to the church office. You can get with me for more information.

Singing His Praises,

Extreme Arts :

May is a big month for Extreme Arts. The group will be presenting a musical this month, which was supposed to be on the 21st, but due to a variety of reasons we will not be able to do the musical on that date. We will instead be doing the musical on May 28th, immediately following the children’s choir musical, "Let Freedom Ring" during the evening worship service. Our program is called, "Alive in Us", and will feature some awesome songs from artists like, For King and Country, Francesca Battistelli, and NF. The script was written by Extreme Arts, and we hope you will be there to support these students as they bring this very special presentation to you.


Women On Mission:

Our meeting in April had few in attendance, but much was discussed. We continue with our "Louie Scarf Project". We received a beautiful Thank You card from DFS, for the beautiful Easter baskets that was done by many of you. If you should happen to come upon Easter clearance sale of baskets, grass, etc. purchasing some would be a huge help towards next years project.

Please continue to be Samaritan Purse minded this year. There will soon be a display in the 8th street foyer that will be there through the year for our Operation Christmas Child Project.

There have been several comments about the banners that grace the sides of our baptistry. This has been a project of Christy and mine. If you would want to purchase a banner for the upcoming 4th of July, please contact one of us and we will give you info and even order it for you. I think they add a lovely touch to our service and many of you have expressed that also. After the 4th, we will be looking at fall banners if that would be something you would want to participate in, let us know. I do realize that it may sometimes seem that we ask for this and ask for that and you may grow weary of my answer would be to pray about what it is that God would have you to support and follow his prompting.

Let us not grow weary in doing good deeds.

Blessings to you,

Pam & Christy

Tuesday Night Bible Club:

We are doing a study of the 5 Books of Moses, the Pentateuch, beginning with Genesis. We meet every Tuesday at 7:00 PM in the fellowship hall. If you like a topical approach to Bible study with a more in-depth and thought provoking format, then this is the Bible study group for you. There’s just something about God’s people meeting together and studying the Word of God that brings a closeness to God and each other. Come and join us this Tuesday!


Youth News:

Hello everyone. We started off April with our senior adult lunch delivery. We delivered around 40 lunches that day. We just wanted to show our appreciation to our seniors for their continued support of our youth program. Thank you to everyone that helped that day getting the meals ready and then delivered. We will plan another one in the fall.

We picked up the crosses on April 8th. They were then placed in the church yard to be displayed until Easter morning. This is always a stunning sight. Thank you again for the ones that support this ministry.

We are going to have to back up the date for the youth rally. There is just so much going on right now. But, the youth will still go out on May 6th and distribute flyers telling all about our church and the activities we have going on. We will also pass out bracelets and we thank Melissa McClain for getting those for us.

On May 7th, we will honor our graduates. We have 3 that will walk that day; Taylor Moses, Adrienne Duncan, and Erin Barksdale. We are very proud of each of these young people. We do wish them the best and pray that they allow God to guide and direct them with what’s to come next in their lives.

The 3rd week of May, our last deposit for church camp is due. I will be needing to get with the ones that plan on going to camp because that’s when all of your paperwork is due to be filled out. You do the same as last year and fill it out online. Even though we are doing the Camp40 this year, I know it will still be a blessing as I’m very excited about the theme. The theme is "Outsiders". We experiences this as Christians. We are outsiders because we find meaning and purpose in knowing and serving God. We are outsiders because we belong to the Kingdom of Heaven. I know this will be something that will truly touch each and everyone of us. We still have a couple of spots open, so if you know of someone that camp will impact, tell them to get with me.

Please continue to pray for our group as we go forward with al out activities.

God Bless,

Kristy Riggs

Help Needed:

If you are interested in learning to run sound and multi-media for our evening services, please let me know. I will be offering another training course soon. This is a much needed ministry at our church. Please pray about joining the audio-visual team this year.


VBS News:

A very good VBS meeting was held a few weeks ago with a great number in attendance. Our VBS has been scheduled for July 16 - 20 from 6:00 - 8:30 pm. Our theme this year is "Galactic Starveyors, Discovering the God of the Universe." I ask that you please commit to start praying for this event. As we stress every year that VBS is the biggest evangelist event of the year. Anytime that a church can minister to children, it should be of the utmost importance to each and every church member. After all they are tomorrow’s church. Soon we will be putting sticky notes out in the kitchen for food supplies that we will need help with. I was once of the mind set of "what happened to simple cookies & Kool-Aid’? Things are different these days. Majority of children don’t come home to a sit down supper meal as we did "Back in the day". Many of our children fend for themselves for supper or get none at all. Children can’t focus when they are hungry. Jesus set a perfect example when he fed the multitudes because He knew they were hungry and would be restless. Temple Baptist Church has offered us their decorations after their VBS and we are very much appreciative of this kind act. Remember the VBS team in your prayers and the precious children that God will be sending our way, as we search the skies and God’s word to uncover God’s truth in His handiwork.

Thank you,

VBS team members,

Colossians 1: 15 - 16


Children’s Church Workers Schedule

1st Sunday: Kristy Riggs

2nd Sunday: Janice & Rickey Bell

3rd Sunday: Paige Gillock

4th Sunday: Amanda Maclin

5th Sunday: Christy & Bill Mercer

* Ewanda Young Substitute

*Please contact Myra Sandage if you cannot be here on your designated Sunday


If you are willing to help in the nursery 0 - 3 years old or the 4 - 5 years old, please see Leslie Cunningham


Please turn ALL charge tickets from Hays, The Store or any others so that we can determine what accounts to pay them from. There is a container in the fellowship hall on the counter for these receipts or you may drop them by the office



Fred & Janice Boyd given in Memory of: Sharon Johnston’s brother, John

Paul & Shelby Walker given in Memory of: Alma Fay Walker & Margaret Medlin Privett and in Honor of:

Kelly Walker Harden & Christy Harden Armstrong, (Past Choir Members).


Congratulations to:

Logan Hedge, Student of the Month from Holcomb Kindergarten.

Taylor Moses - Caruthersville Prom King, 2017


Calendar Events:

May 7: 10:30 am Honor our Graduates

5:00 pm House & Grounds

7:00 pm Deacons meeting

May 10: 7:00 pm Business meeting

May 11: Caruthersville Graduation

May 13: Fellowship hall reserved by Kristy Riggs

May 14: Mother’s Day

May 19: 6:00 pm CPR Training in the fellowship hall

Please sign up or see Nathan Pinkerton

May 22: 7:00 pm Associational Bi-Annual meeting/

FBC Wardell

May 28: 10:30 am Memorial Day Service

6:00 pm Children’s Choir presents: "Let Freedom Ring" and Extreme Arts presents, "Alive In Us"

*Extreme Arts will take a summer break and resume on August 13.


A big "Thank You" to everyone for your thoughts & prayers for me during the past couple of weeks. I have such a loving church family and appreciate all of your concerns. God Bless each & everyone of you.

Marilyn Strawn

A Thank you card from Family Services for the Easter Baskets for the county’s foster children.


Please contact us: If your children or grandchildren have received any honors in school, let us know so we can announce it in the newsletter and put it on the tv announcements.

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