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A Word From Your Pastor:

Hey church, I hope this new month finds you exactly where Jesus would have you to be. Serving Jesus is so, so, so important in our Christian walk every single day of our lives. Are you where Jesus wants you? Are you doing what Jesus would have you do? Is Jesus first and foremost in your life? Where are you at with Jesus?

Is your life all about you? Your entertainment? Your enjoyment? Your habits? Me, me, me, me, me, me. Grand kids? Making sure everyone is happy, happy, without thinking of their spiritual condition? I have a serious newsflash for you. Your life isn’t yours. My life and your life is Jesus’ life built to perform for Him and Him alone.

I realize this destroys the whole idea of self-improvement and self-satisfaction that has been drilled into your brain since your first birthday. You could even be upset that I am even saying these words to you. The fact of the matter is my life and your life are not ours to live. That’s right church, we are to live for Jesus all the time every day constantly, putting Jesus first and foremost.

I pray you will consider this as He allows you to breathe. Now I will conduct a test. Does anyone read this newsletter? If you read this newsletter tell me verbally within the next few weeks. There is concern that no one reads this newsletter and if that’s the case we will stop printing it and wasting paper and ink each month and also the time our wonderful secretary puts into this each and every month.


In Christ,

Your Pastor

Women On Mission:

WOM met this month with a few in attendance. We will be having a bake sale on Mother’s Day, May 13th. You may purchase the goodies that will be displayed in the fellowship hall that morning. Proceeds will go to WOM for the many projects we help with.

Vicky DeReign and I made a huge haul of fleece from the JoAnn’s craft store, for the Christmas scarves that are passed out at the Christmas parade. Please come join us, you may have just the idea we need to further advance God’s work here at FBC.


Pam & Christy

Extreme Arts

We are doing a variety show similar to Saturday Night Live, complete with a special guest host, musical guest, and live and recorded sketches. We hope you’ll come out on April 29th at 6:00 pm for a fun-filled night of music, drama, comedy and ministry.

We’ll be having a lock-in on Friday, April 27th which will also serves as our dress rehearsal. Thanks to Kristy Riggs and Pam Bullington for helping chaperone and providing the food. I’d also like to thank Jim & Vicky DeReign for all your help with this year’s Spring production. You are great sports!

Also, this production will be the last production of the season for Extreme Arts. After this we will be on break until August. Thank you to everyone who supported us throughout the season and to all the members who made it such a great year!






Talent Night:

May 20th during the evening service, we’ll be having a Talent Night. If you would like to sing, play an instrument, read a poem, etc, please let Phil Barksdale know so he can put you on the schedule. Looking forward to a great night of glorifying God through the talents He has given us!


Youth News:

Hello everyone! We had a wonderful turnout for the paint party fund raiser. We sold 24 tickets. Thanks again for all the support everyone gives to the youth program. Also, a big thanks for the ones that brought snacks that night.

We are in desperate need for a male counselor for church camp this summer. Please join us in prayer about this need. Please pray that God leads us to the right person to go with us. Again, camp dates are June 6 - 11. We will again attend Crossings Camp in Jonathan Creek, KY. By the next newsletter, I will be able to pin down the times for leaving and returning.

We are also trying to get a date together for a youth-led service. The kids always enjoy and put so much work into this special service.

Please continue to pray for us for our many activities. Pray as we will be going out soon to make contacts with other youth.

God bless,

Kristy Riggs

New: Children’s Church Workers Schedule

May - Kristy Riggs

June - Janice Bell

July - Paige Gillock

August - Kathryn & Terry Waldrop




We are hard at work planning for our 2018 Vacation Bible School! The theme this year is

"Game On", and I believe it’s going to be a big hit!!

The first day will be June 17th and that will be here before we know it!

The teachers have their class materials and the kitchen crew is already getting their game plan together. We could still use some help, though. We’re looking for a couple of class helpers. Please help us make this a great VBS.

Come join us and get your VBS GAME ON!!

Kathryn Waldrop, VBS Leader



Memorials in memory of Frances Young; given by: Maxine Waldrop, Jackie & Patsy Hubbard,Bill & Christy Mercer, Joe & Dorothy Watkins, Fred & Janice Boyd, Gary & June Marshbanks, The Berean Sunday School Class, Wanda Gale

Memorials in memory of Clovie Dunavant: given by: Fred & Janice Boyd, Shelby Walker.  

Honorarium in Honor of: Bro. Jimmy & Susan Lemonds; given by Fred & Janice Boyd


Please contact us: If your children or grandchildren have received any honors in school, let us know so we can announce it in the newsletter and put it on the tv announcements





A Tribute to Moms on

Mother’s Day

You painted no Madonnas on chapel walls in Rome,

But with a touch diviner you lived one in your home.


You wrote no lofty poems that critics counted art,

But with a nobler vision you lived them in your heart.


You carved no shapeless marble to some high-souled design,

But with a finer sculpture you shaped this soul of mine.


You built no great cathedrals that centuries applaud,

But with a grace exquisite, Your life cathedraled God.


Had I the gift of Raphael, or Michelangelo, Oh, what a rare Madonna My Mother’s life would show!

Thomas W. Fessenden

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