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Tuesday Night Bible Club (moved to Thursdays)
7:00 PM
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In-Depth Bible Study every Thursday night in the fellowship hall at 6:30PM.


5th-12th grade youth group
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Choir Rehearsal
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Tuesday Night Bible Club (moved to Thursdays)
7:00 PM
Night Schedule
In-Depth Bible Study every Thursday night in the fellowship hall at 6:30PM.
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November 2015 Beacon Newsletter




801 Ward Ave.
Caruthersville, Missouri 63830




November, 2015




Notes From Bro. Doug:

Let’s come together Sunday night, November 1st, for a great night of Drama and Music. Trevor Thomas will be here during the evening worship at 6:00 pm. A love offering will be taken, please give generously because this is how he supports his family.

Thanks to everyone who made the fall revival such a huge success. We had 2 salvations and many seeds were planted. We had 13 come to the leadership training and the information we received was priceless for the Kingdom. Roger and Wendy Palmer were such a blessing and I am glad Kristy Riggs got them here!!! As usual your giving to the revival offering was great and we gave Phillip an extra week’s pay and gave Bro. Roger a very nice love offering.

VISION NIGHT is November 8th at 6:00 pm. This is always a great service with great ideas and taking assessment. Come with your vision for FBC and come with your encouragements.

We want to thank the Budget & Finance committee for their work on getting the budget ready for the 2016 budget.

We have Samaritan Boxes everywhere!!! PTL!!! The Women on Mission group packed even more and with what the church body brings I am hoping for over 150 boxes. This is such a great ministry that our church gets to be involved in.

SUNDAY SCHOOL breakfast fellowship will be hosted by the Young Adult Class led by Michael Santschi and Phillip Barksdale (if enough members can do it), if they can’t the pastor will get the breakfast together. Let’s come together and enjoy a meal together at 10:00 am on Sunday November 1st.

CAN YOU HELP? The associational pastor’s and wife appreciation dinner will be at our church on November 14th. If you can help cook and clean, see Bro. Doug.

Free Dr. Clinic Saturday Nov. 14th 9:00 am - Noon. This is a great ministry given by Dr. Doug & volunteers from FBC. It is for anyone!!!

We will start lighting the Advent Candles on November 29th. If your family would like to light a candle, see Bro. Doug ASAP.

The Week of Prayer for International Missions is Nov. 29th - December 6th. We will take up the Lottie Moon Christmas offering on Sunday morning Dec. 6th. Our goal this year is $10,000.00. The Mission Service will be Sunday night November 29th at 6:00 pm.

Our Wednesday night services on Nov. 18th and Nov. 25th are canceled. But please come and support the Caruthersville Ministerial Alliance Thanksgiving service on November 18th at Jesus Name Tabernacle at 7:00 pm.

Bro. Doug



Calendar Events:

Oct. 25th : Youth Led Service morning worship

Oct. 25th: Noon Soup Luncheon sponsored by WOM



CMA 10 Weeks of Sharing for canned food items:

Oct. 25th: canned beans

Nov. 1st: canned peas

Nov. 8th: canned potatoes

Nov. 15th: canned tuna

Nov. 22nd: dried beans/peas

Nov. 29th: pasta/noodles

Dec. 6th: rice



Common Ground

(FBC’s Praise & Worship Team)

We are currently rehearsing every Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm. We are looking for some musicians and singers to help us out a bit, as well as someone who can run a sound board. Please, if you are interested, come join us this Sunday for rehearsal.



Special Music: If you would like to share a special song, skit, poem, etc, please get with Connor Barksdale so she can add you to the calendar.



FBC Worship Choir

(Wednesday nights @ 8:00)

The FBC Worship Choir meets for rehearsal every Wednesday night right after church, usually around 8:00 pm. We are working on a variety of music ranging from traditional, to Gospel, to Southern Gospel favorites, to Praise and Worship oriented music, to Contemporary standards and even some favorite hymns. There is definitely something for everyone. There is also something coming up in November which I hope you will take part. On the 5th Sunday of November, the 29th, we will have a former choir member special day. I would like to invite all former members to join with our current choir members to lead worship and sing a special song. I will be sending out invitations soon to everyone I can find to be a part of this special day. This is the first Sunday of Advent and I can’t think of a better way to usher in the Christmas season than with a reunion of our choir family. I really hope you will be a part of this! We are also still working on "The Christmas Shoes" which we will present on December 20th. If you would like to be a part of this wonderful ministry, just be at the next rehearsal this Wednesday night after church. God gave you talent for a reason and that is to use it for His glory!!

Singing His Praises,





Women On Mission:

The annual soup and sandwich meal will be this Sunday 10-25, after the morning services. Please plan to attend for good food and fellowship. All contributions go to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. Samaritan purse boxes are quickly filling up and being placed in the library, if you are unable to put a box together, please consider contributing to the $7.00 per box that accompanies each box for transportation. When I was in a little village in the Ukraine, I was looking for a large box in the church we were working in, I opened a room and there was 3 big boxes from Samaritan purse. I asked the Pastor of the church what came in the boxes, his reply was, Christmas Shoe Boxes. I was amazed that the Organization would find a tiny village many, many miles away from the main city of Kiev. The pastor told me all about the day the boxes were delivered and the joy of the children. The videos of the children receiving the gifts is so heartwarming and should burden hearts to do more. If you would be interested in making rag dolls, (no sewing required) please get with me. A church in Texas made many rag dolls for the Brazil trip and the girls were elated to receive them. I would like to send some the next time, from our church. They are simple and bring much joy to the children. Winter will be here soon and you may have some time on your hands that could be filled by making some dolls. I look forward in sharing The Amazon Project Mission trip with you. God is at work and I was blessed to get to see it, because you gave and sent. With the sad news of Missionaries being offered early retirement from the IMB, short term mission trips will be very important in the future. Please keep our missionaries in your prayers. Transition back to civilian life will not be easy for them. Lets not keep Jesus a secret, as the evangelist said last week, if He means so much to us why does it take us so long to tell others.

Pam, & Christy




Music Notes:

it was wonderful to see Extreme Arts and the FBC Worship Choir have such an active part in our Fall Revival! I love to see people using their talents for the glory of God. I truly believe that the reason God gives us talent is to use for His glory. I really believe that Satan works overtime to make us feel inadequate about ourselves and our talents just to keep us from using them the way God intended.

"It’s just not cool for a guy to sing." "My friends make fun of me if I acted in a drama." "My voice is not good enough." "I’m too busy." "I don’t get along with everyone in the group." "I don’t want my friends to think I’m some kind of Holy Roller."

I’ve heard these excuses and more so many times, it’s unreal. I’ve even used a few of them myself in the past. Here’s a quote that helped me to change my mind about some of these excuses, "For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes in His glory and that of the Father and the holy angels (Luke 9:26 HCSB)." also, in Matthew 25: 14-30, Jesus tell the parable of the talents. Now this word talent was referring to a large sum of money - about 80 lbs of silver; however, our English word "talent", meaning our natural abilities also comes from the word used in this passage. This makes a lot of sense because the lesson in this parable is that we should use our talents and abilities, as well as our wealth in God’s service. If you are not familiar with the parable, Jesus talks about how a master gives three of his servants a talent. Two of them invest the money wisely, use it and actually get a return on their investment. The third man buries his portion and doesn’t use it at all. The master returns and is very pleased with the two who invested their talents but punishes the one who did nothing with his talent.

In the parable, God represents the master and we represent the servants. God will reward those who used the talents or gifts He has given for His glory but will be displeased with those who did nothing with them. Also, if you read the parable and I hope you will, the master didn’t give all three servants the same amount. He gave the first servant 5 talents, the second servant received 2 and the third received 1 talent. The first two invested, doubled the amount they were given. The third, who did nothing, still only had the 1 talent. The master tells the first two servants, "well done!" read what the Master said to the servant who refused to invest his talent, "You wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest. Take the talent from him and give it to the one who has the ten talents. For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."

I truly hope that when I meet the Master on the Day of Judgment, I will hear, "Well done!" I pray the same for you. God gives talents to us to spread the gospel to the lost and to build up the body of Christ. All are to be used for His glory. Satan will attack your self-esteem, your need to be popular or accepted and do all he can to keep you from using your talents for the glory of God. In John 10, Jesus tells us that the whole purpose of Satan is to steal, kill and destroy. What pleasure he receives when he can convince you that you are not good enough or talented enough to be of use to God. How he must love to put obstacles up in your way to keep you from being available to use the gifts God has given you for the reason He has given them to you.

People around us are hurting and lost. They need Jesus and the peace and new life that only He can give. We have been called to bring His message of hope to our friends, family, community and the ends of the earth. The talent He has entrusted us with, is one vehicle to utilize to bring that message to them. How can we be comfortable in our faith, while we watch the very ones we say we love, sinking down without hope, without peace and with no knowledge of the true love of Jesus Christ or the salvation that He offers them? I pray that God would burden our hearts for our loved ones and pour out His conviction on us to make us want to serve Him with the very gifts He has already given us to use.




Extreme Arts:

First off, great job with all you did at the revival!! We have some things coming up. We will begin working on our Christmas special that we will present on December 20th just after the FBC Worship Choir presents "The Christmas Shoes". This is something geared toward the kids of the church, but I think the adults will like it as well. We will also begin working on the things we will do to help with the FBC choir’s musical. Our Christmas shopping trip is on November 21st, so be sure to be here at 9:00 am to leave with us for that. We will be going, once again, to Jonesboro, AR to LifeWay and then to the mall. We should return around 5:00 pm. On November 11th, I would like for you all to stop by our choir rehearsal for about 5 minutes to draw names for our Christmas party, which will be on December 19th. On the 19th, we will meet at the church around 5:00 pm and go caroling at the nursing home. After that we will come back to the church for our party and dress rehearsal for "The Christmas Shoes". More info on all that in next month’s newsletter. If you are between 7th grades - college and would like to join us, we would love to have you! Just meet us for rehearsal every Sunday evening at 5:00 pm in the choir room.




Youth News:

Hello everyone. Well, October has been no different as we had a lot going. We had our last 5th quarter on Oct. 2nd and it was an absolute success! We had 23 youth there and 4 adults. I really want to thank the youth council members that always came and helped with this ministry. Also, a big thank you to Chris Peeler, who came and gave his testimony that night, it was an inspiration.

On Friday, Oct. 9th we had our lock-in. We had 17 youth and 4 adults stay all night. But also Phil came and led us in worship time at the start of the night. Our focus of this lock-in was to go over follow-up material from camp. But we also had some great games! These youth have lots of energy. LOL. As I watched them play Sardines most of the night, I would never guessed that high school kids would have loved to play hide-in-seek so much! But it was an awesome night that ended with going to bed at 4:00 am!

The next day we had leadership training with Roger Palmer. We had the pleasure of meeting Roger at camp, so I just knew it was going to be a blessing and I was right. It was awesome!! We really got some good, insightful and biblical ways to lead and go out to reach the lost.

We had our annual hayride on Oct. 17th. We also invited the younger group. We had lots of kids but I never got a head count. It was a chilly night but we had lots of hot chocolate and apple cider to keep us warm.

Oct. 18th, we went to Miner Baptist Church to go to judgement house. Another awesome ministry out there to reach the lost. We had a total of 23, with 4 decisions being made that night!

We are in week 4 of the reading plan, like I told them, I will not ask but it is something they are taking serious to help them develop time with God.

On the 25th will be our youth led service, please be praying for us as we have been preparing. I know these kids will let God shine through them that day. Thank you for your continued support and prayers for us as we walk by these youth.

God Bless,
Kristy & Chris




Memorials given for Ernest Bullington;; given by; Bill &

Christy Mercer, Terry & Delila Swinger, Larry Shelby.

A Memorial was given for Frank Slentz; given by; Barbara Pullam

A Honorarium was given for: Jim & Vickie DeReign; given by; Fred & Janice Boyd.



November Calendar:

House & Grounds Mtg. November 8th : 5:00 pm

Deacons Mtg. November 8th: : 7:00 pm

Business Mtg. November 11th: 7:00 pm

Potluck at 6:00 p.m. For the meal, you bring

everything except the drinks and bread.



Children’s Mission Group:

Wednesday night missions club continues to grow and go! The week before the revival alone we had attendance of 12 children. Learning from the trials and successes of Biblical characters as well as developing a genuine appreciation for principles to live by the children exhibit a great deal of maturity.

It is on Saturday, November 14th that we plan our biggest adventure thus far - a trip to St. Louis Zoo. We will be leaving at 7:00 am and returning at 10:00 pm that same day. The admission to the zoo is free, but the children should pack a bag lunch and have at least $10.00 for souvenirs or snacks they may wish to purchase. The church will be providing for a fast food supper on the return trip.

Please let Michael Santschi or Paige Gillock know if you will be joining us so that we can make the appropriate vehicle arrangements.

Thank You,

Paige Gillock, Michael Santschi, and Peggy Boyd




Children’s Church Workers Schedule

1st Sunday: Hope Bynum & JoBeth Williams

2nd Sunday: Janice & Rickey Bell

3rd Sunday: Paige Gillock & Dorothy Watkins

4th Sunday: Amanda Maclin & Susan & Beth Prater

5th Sunday: Christy & Bill Mercer

* Ewanda Young Substitute

*Please contact Myra Sandage if you cannot be here on your designated Sunday

Please turn in all charge tickets from Hays, Wal-Mart, etc. to the office or there is a container in the kitchen for these.


If you are willing to help in the nursery 0 - 3 years old or the 4 - 5 years old (when completed), please see Leslie Cunningham.


Please contact us: If your children or grandchildren have received any honors in school, let us know so we can announce it in the newsletter and put it on the tv announcements.

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