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In-Depth Bible Study every Thursday night in the fellowship hall at 6:30PM.


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Tuesday Night Bible Club (moved to Thursdays)
7:00 PM
Night Schedule
In-Depth Bible Study every Thursday night in the fellowship hall at 6:30PM.
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September 2014 Beacon Newsletter



First Baptist Beacon

801 Ward Ave.
Caruthersville, Missouri 63830

September, 2014


Notes From Bro. Doug: 
    SEPTEMBER 7th will be Sunday School Transfer. But
new deacons and new committee members will not take
effect until the new church year starting in October. So
anyone that needs to move up to the new class, please do
that Sept. 7th, that will make sure everyone is in the age
group that they are in during school. 
    Sunday Aug. 31st is Salvation Sunday. I hope and pray
you will bring someone to church that needs to hear the
gospel message. Let’s see many come to the saving
knowledge of the Lord.
    We had a slow start back with our potluck meal on the
13th of August. We will see in September if more want to
continue the meal before the business meeting each month.
    I want to encourage more of you to come to the Praise &
Worship service at 9:00 am each Sunday morning. We have
a great service praising God and singing. If attendance does
not increase, we might look to doing something else that
might be effective.
     The Nominating committee is working to secure and fill
all positions in the classrooms and committees for 2014-
2015 year. If you sense the Lord leading you to serve in a
certain area, see the pastor and we will plug you in.
    Deacon nomination & election is coming up in
September. You will find an insert in the bulletin on Aug.
31st with the names of men that can’t be nominated due to
going off rotation or they are already serving. You will find
a list of men who have expressed a calling from God to be a
deacon if the church nominates and elects them. You will
also find a list of men that have said that they do not sense
the Lord calling them to serve as a deacon. You will have
the opportunity to nominate up to 3 deacons on Sept. 14th.
Then we will have deacon elections on Sept. 28th, if needed,
we will have an ordination service on October 5th during the
evening service. Please Pray!!
    We will be having a commissioning service for Pam
Peeler and Dr. Doug Fitzwater. They will be going to Haiti
in September. This service will be on Sunday night Sept.
14th at 6:00 pm. The WOM will have an ice cream social
following to benefit the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.
All women of the church need to support the Women On
Mission as they lead out with the many mission projects at
  The annual associational meeting is Sept. 15-16. Monday
night at 7:00 pm and we will meet at the FBC of Hayti, then
on Tuesday night we will meet at FBC Caruthersville with a
potluck meal at 6:00 and meeting at 7:00 pm.
   Please remember NO EXCUSE SUNDAY on September
21st. Our goal for Sunday School is 125 and the goal for
worship is 175. Make sure you come and bring a friend.
Then that evening we will have our annual church picnic at
England Park from 5-8 pm. You bring side dishes and
desserts and your own drinks. The church will provide
chicken and bread. You might want to bring a folding chair.
Bring any games that we might all enjoy.
   September 28th starts the 10 weeks of sharing for the
Ministerial Alliance Christmas baskets. Please be ready to
share boxed and canned good to help those in need.
                                                                           Bro. Doug

  Extreme Arts
 This past month, we had the 3rd annual Kevin McCoy
Memorial Music Workshop. This year we focused on the joint
project we are doing with Kinfolks Ridge Baptist Church called
“1 Voice”! We are putting together a musical entitled, “People
Need the Lord” to be presented in November. It was a fun day,
but we also got a lot accomplished. I was very pleased with the
turn out, even though I may have went overboard when bragging
to Chris Riggs about how many I expected to be there. As a
result, I am now owed two pies in the face!! Oh well, it was still
a great day!
   As you may have noticed, Extreme Arts has been doing more
drama than it has previously. This was a result of our transition
from 2 Extreme Youth Choir to Extreme Arts. I love how
quickly our teens are developing their acting abilities. They truly
have a heart for this type of ministry. Don’t worry, we are still
first and foremost a youth choir and you will still get to hear
them sing! We have just been trying to get this side developed.
With the commencement of kids into the youth group we have
also added a couple of more members and are hoping to add
some more by the beginning of the fall. If you are in the 7th grade
through 12th grade and would like to be a part of this ministry,
just be at our next rehearsal. Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons at
5:00 pm in the choir room, unless I announce differently. I
hope to see you there this Sunday!!  

                         Common Ground
                  FBC’s Praise and Worship Team   
 Make sure to come to the Sunday morning praise and
worship service, every Sunday morning at 9:00 am in the
Memorial Chapel.  We are playing a wide variety of music,
from contemporary praise and worship to southern gospel
to some favorite old standards! We are also very involved
with our combined worship services which happens every
third Sunday evening in the chapel. These are awesome
services which include the youth and adults ministering to
our church body. Don’t miss out on these wonderful

FBC Sanctuary Choir                                        
   Sunday nights @ 7:00 pm
 Summer time is over and we are excited as we begin
trying to get back to normal in the choir! Now that everyone
is beginning to come back from vacations and those lazy,
hazy, crazy days of summer; we hope to see all our
members return refreshed and excited to minister to our
church through music! We have begun working on our
Christmas program, which I think (I hope) you will all enjoy!
This year we will be doing a more intimate celebration of
Christmas as a gift to our church family. Instead of a big
cantata or musical in the sanctuary, we will be having a
Christmas dinner in the fellowship hall with music, games,
fun and memories. The program is called, “Memories of
Christmas Past”, and will feature a mini-cantata by the
choir, as well as solos, duets and a lot of surprises. We are
also working on some great songs to present as special
music over the next few months. If you would like to be a
part of all the wonderful things coming up, we can
definitely use you! Come praise the Lord with us!!  


Women On Mission:
 Women on Mission met August 11th, and continued
their study of Bathesheba in the book “A Lineage of
 Our next meeting will be Monday September 8. 
 We are collecting items that Pam Peeler and Dr.
Fitzwater need for their mission trip to Haiti September
 Women on Mission will be having a ice cream social on
September 14th. We have 100 Samaritan boxes to fill for
Christmas this year, please help us to fill all 100 boxes. 
 In lieu of lighting candles in honor or in memory of
someone this year, we will be selling poinsettias for
$25.00. They will be in six inch pots and 15 inches tall
and will be delivered December 15th and placed in our
sanctuary the last two Sundays of December. Fund raiser
are being planned for Lottie Moon, our goal is
$10,000.00 this year. 
  We will be selling cards for Pastor James from
Bangladesh to help them buy a place to have church (a
small house), they are embroidered cards that the children
have done. They are beautiful and are $5.00 each.        
   Women on Mission ladies will be distributing cookies
to fire/police departments in observance of 9/11 this
Youth News:
 This month has flown by again and Christmas will be here
before we know it. Just when we thought there was a hint of fall
in the air Mother Nature decided to get our attention with real
summer heat. I would rather it just stay late fall year round,
WHEW it’s hot!! If I remember right, August is suppose to be
hot. LOL
 On August 9th the youth took around food and dessert to
several of the senior adults in our church. If you were not home
or we did not get to you this time don’t worry you may be
surprised sometime soon with a knock on the door and good
food for your belly.
  August 10th the youth helped Ms. Emma with her back to
school party for the kids at the church. It was a very good day,
hot but the kid’s got wet, ate snow cones and the turnout was
great. Good food and good clean fun fellowship for all who
attended. Thanks to Emma and Dr. Fitzwater for heading this
event. It was a blast!!!
   The youth made a trip to Agape on the 15th and enjoyed a
great ministry. We had a lot of fun. After Agape we came back
to the church for a lock-in. We had cheeseburgers and french
fries with cheese dip. We watched movies and had to sleep with
one eye open due to the mischievous little munchkins who were
slipping around the room tying streamers to people’s fans and
wrapping others up with them. You could hear the giggle,
giggle, giggle, blahahahahahas and giggle, giggle. Next thing
you knew they were knocked out. We cooked breakfast at the
church on Saturday morning the 16th and then we took a field
trip/youth retreat to Jackson, Tennessee. We started off at
SkyZone, trampoline king of Jackson. It was a good time but
way too physical for the old folks who in our minds thought
“hey, it’s a trampoline, what could that hurt?” well lets just say
later in the day and the days to come found out it can hurt a
lot! Places you didn’t know could hurt! LOL. We left SkyZone
and had lunch at Casey Jones. It was GREAT and everyone left
full as a tick and looking for a nap. We  toured some of the
trains at Casey Jones and met a guy from the biggest losers last
years episode who was riding a bike across country on a mission
trip. We took some pictures and had a good visit. We then went
to Family Fun Center in Jackson. If you have not been, this was
a blast. We got to choose what we wanted to do and then got
after it. Hope Grooms seemed to be the best Go-Cart driver
with her skills of passing and listening to the little old lady from
Pasadena (go, go grandma, go). I seemed to have the highest
score in bowling that day, however I had a 50 lb ball and when
it hit the pins just kept falling over! Ain’t that right, Mrs.
Kristy??? LOL. Then it was off to Laser Tag. It was a blazing gun
battle, team blue against team red. Old folks verses the young
folks. Lets just say the old folks chased them kids around like
trapped rats. However for some odd reason I am unable to
remember who won and what the score was?? LOL    Thanks to
Kristy, Sara, Pam and Hope for beings such good dependable
help and loving the youth. Then to Maggie Moo’s for ice cream
and WOW don’t order a large or lets just say WOW! The ice
cream was great and very refreshing after our last 3 hour event
at the fun center. After leaving our mark on the chalk board we
were off again. Our last stop was a Jackson Generals baseball
game. The Generals are a minor league team for the Chicago
White Sox’s. We had front row seats at the first base line and
visitor’s dugout. Darnell (Sto theN double O and P, Double D,
Double O, Double G) Rodgers caught a ball and a t-shirt, lucky
dog!! That spells SnoopDogg (his nickname) he has a song he
sings to his name. Ask him some time when you see him. The
rest of us just caught a tan until the sun went down. WHEW!
The Generals didn’t win but we got to watch one of the most
amazing fireworks shows I have ever seen. The tickets and food
are reasonable. All of the seats are good seats. We had a very
good time. The ride home after the day we had I thought these
kids are going to be knocked out...well to my surprise,  they
were not. They laughed, played games all the way home. I love
hearing them have fun, laughing, singing and cutting up. They
will have good memories of the trips and youth group.
  We have been meeting and doing our Bible studies during
regular church times. We are in the process of making flyers to
go out and try to recruit other youth to join our group. Each
youth was given a task of trying to get 5 new youth in church.
We feel like if we can get the kids, the parents may come as
well. This is a mission of ours and you may be seeing the church
van running around town, that’s just us out trying to save some
lost souls.
  We are making pizzas again on the 13th of September. This
will be the last pizza fundraiser for this year. Please get your
orders in and as always we appreciate your love and support of
the youth group.
   On Sept. 26th & 27th we are going to help with the annual
Trinity Day at the fairgrounds. We will need 33 people from 3-7
on Friday afternoon to help get set up. We will need 55 people
to work the party from 9-5 on Saturday. This is for the youth
group and a donation will be made in or around $3,500.00 for
this event from Incredible Events. We are having a Youth
Committee meeting on August 27th to discuss and start
planning for this event. i encourage you to volunteer your time
and help with this fundraiser. Food, drinks and t-shirts are also
included for the workers. I will be contacting those who are able
to help.
    I’m sure I have missed something. The main thing is to
continue to pray for us and the youth ministry in our church. We
could not ask for a more loving family who shows us the support
you do. We thank you and love you very much!       
                                                With God’s Love,
                              Chris & Kristy Riggs, Youth pastor 


House & Grounds Mtg. September 7: 5:00 pm 
Deacons Mtg. September 7:  7:00 pm
Business Mtg. September 10:  7:00 pm

Potluck at 6:00 p.m.

Please contact us: If your children or  grandchildren have
received any honors in school,  let us know so we can
announce it in the newsletter.


Special Music:                                                               
          If you would like to be put on the calendar to
sing a special in our morning service, please get with
me, so I can put you in the rotation. We have a lot of
talent in our church and I hope you will share it with

Please contact us: If your children or  grandchildren have
received any honors in school,  let us know so we can
announce it in the newsletter.

Baby Shower:
September 7: 2:00 -4:00 pm Jessica Crysler
Don't forget the birthday offering for the Missouri Baptist
Children's home! All proceeds will be sent to the MBCH in
December to help with Christmas. It's strictly voluntary, and
once a year to donate so please participate if you can! if you give
$1 per year of your age you get a mug, if you give coins per year
you get a pencil. There is a world bank at the pulpit area where
you can put your donation.

Church Tithes
    So many of you are giving your tithes & offerings
with faith knowing God will bless you for, as the
Bible says, not robbing Him by not giving Him back
the 10% or more that He requires. So thank you for
your faithful support to FBC.
    Remember you might go on vacation or be absent
for a while, but the church expenses still continue.
    Please pray about your giving. If God tells you to
not support the general fund of the church through
tithes then don’t, but if He convicts you of your
responsibility to support your church then do that.    

Children’s Missions (Formerly GA’s & RA’s) 
  Girls & Boys grades 1st - 4th are encouraged to come learn
about missions. The new teachers are Paige Gillock &
Michael Santschi. They meet on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm.


First Baptist Church Family,
    Thank you to my church family and friends for the food, flowers,
the prayers, visits and every act of kindness that was shown to me in
the loss of my son, Rick. I appreciate each of you.

                                                                          Beulah Stewart
Dear Church Family,
   We want to thank you for your prayers for us and ask that you
continue to pray for Jakob and us. We feel we have been blessed so
   Also, thank you for the wonderful shower. You are such a caring
& loving church family. We received so many nice gifts and
appreciate your thoughtfulness very much. We are happy we can
call each of you our other family–our church family.
                                    JoBeth, Joel, Taylor & Jakob 
Memorials given for: Rick Davis; given by Bill & Christy
Mercer, Wanda Gale, Sharon Johnston
A Memorial given for: John Alls; given by: Sharon

Memorials given for: Harold Coram, given by: Bill &
Christy Mercer, Fred & Janice Boyd, Sharon Johnston

A Memorial given for: Christine Adams, given by:
Sharon Johnston

Honorariums in Honor of: Jon Constant & Denny &
Shelia Baird; given by: Bill & Christy Mercer

P.R.A.I.S.E. Report
 We are meeting on Sunday nights at 6:00 in the K-2
classroom. We are getting ready for our Christmas
musical and would love to have all children from K-6
grade join us. Peggy Boyd is the new leader.
5th & 6th Grade Missions:
No report this month

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